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In celebration of your daughter’s recent high school graduation, you are hosting a party in the backyard. The plan is to enjoy spending time with family and friends, grill some delicious food, celebrate your daughter’s accomplishments and just enjoy a little downtime. Everything is going according to plan when suddenly you hear your neighbor scream.

You turn around just in time to see your dog clamping down on a plate, trying to steal a bite of the hamburger your neighbor is eating. Before you can tell her not to move, the dog jumps up, aiming for the hamburger but finds her hand instead. Now your neighbor is screaming in pain from the dog’s bite. As you are tending to that situation, you hear a loud crack and look up to see the railing of your deck coming apart. In a matter of seconds, several neighbors fall, landing on the ground below.

Several days later the medical bills from the party start rolling in and you quickly realize the balances far exceed what your homeowners policy covers. Your only saving grace at this point is to have an umbrella liability insurance policy in place. Otherwise, the financial damages could ruin you.


What is Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance opens in a new window works in much the same way as a traditional umbrella that protects you from the rain. Think for a moment about standing in the rain, getting soaking wet. You open an umbrella and it begins to provide protection for the areas that the umbrella is able to cover. While there may still be some portions of your body that get wet, the majority of your body will stay dry. An umbrella insurance policy works the same way.

Umbrella insurance comes into a situation and provides protection where your original insurance plan’s coverage stops. In most cases, homeowners, renters or auto insurance policies will only provide you liability protection up to a certain dollar amount. You may face a situation where the financial damages exceed that amount. At that point, you either pay the expenses out of your own pocket or use the liability protection of an umbrella policy to assist you.


What Umbrella Insurance Covers

There are a number of situations that umbrella insurance can cover. You will receive protection for bodily injury that your actions cause another person and any relevant property damage that may occur as well. You will have protection from any legal claims or lawsuits against you. Someone may take something you say out of context and sue you for slander.

Even though the situation results out of a misunderstanding, defending yourself in a court of law can be a costly experience. Your umbrella insurance would also provide coverage for situations of false arrest and any other relative legal matter that arises as a result of someone taking legal action against you.


Avoid the Gap

Life has a way of changing in an instant. There is no way you can predict when an accident will happen or when someone will bring legal action against you. It is possible that you think the current insurance policies you have in place will be enough to protect you when the unthinkable happens. In most cases, your normal insurance policies will not even begin to scratch the surface of the financial and legal ramifications you may face when something goes wrong.

When a claim comes against you or you need to file a claim for damages, your standard insurance policy will review the information and reach a conclusion. That conclusion most likely will result in a payout to the injured parties on your behalf. However, those payment amounts will only extend up to the liability coverage your policy provides.

If your damages amount to more than what your insurance is willing to pay, you now face a gap in liability protection. At that point, your umbrella insurance policy kicks in and covers the financial differences from that gap in coverage.


Marine Agency Has Your Umbrella

When an accident occurs and you are at fault for the damages, everything you own becomes available to satisfy any financial debt that you incur. That means your home, your car, financial investments, retirement accounts and even your household checking account will go through the liquidation process to resolve any financial balance from that accident. Everything you work for disappears in an instant to pay for something that you never saw coming in the first place.

Marine Agency is an expert in helping people prepare for the unthinkable events that life sometimes throws your way. By working with them, you will receive a peace of mind that no matter what takes place in the blink of  an eye, Marine Agency can hold the umbrella over your head so you can protect the things in your life that you value the most.

Call us or check out our contact page opens in a new windowtoday to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable (real not automated) staff member who will explain the many ways that Marine Agency will ensure that you’re insured and prepared for the unexpected!

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