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Why Is Insurance Important in Sport Camps?

Sports and outdoor camps are a great option for kids to occupy their time when they’re not in school. The number of youths who attend these camps grows exponentially every year. Although these camps are great for teaching kids about the fundamentals of sports and helping them to improve their skills and level of ability, there is also a level of danger involved.

Since there is frequently a high level of physical activity, there is always the potential for someone to get hurt or seriously injured. For this reason, it is important for the organizations running the camps to carry an adequate amount of insurance to protect themselves in case of an accident. Outdoor and sports camp insurance can provide these organizations with the proper insurance they need when their traditional professional liability insurance isn’t enough.

Inherent risks

When organizations take on the responsibility of other people’s children, they assume an inherent risk. They are ultimately responsible for the health and well-being of the children as long as they are in their care. Therefore, they need to be protected in case a child is injured during that time. Sports and outdoor camp insurance policies protect institutions such as schools, park districts, sports camps, clinics, and conferences from the financial costs in the event of an accident. This type of insurance coverage for sports camps also covers coaches, directors, and attendees of the camp as well.

Kids are accident-prone

Running a camp for kids and teens brings an automatic risk. By their nature, kids aren’t always as careful as they should be. Further, the fact that they are exerting a substantial amount of effort and engaging in physical activity increases the fact that an injury may occur. This is especially true for youth sport camps that include activities such as football, basketball, soccer, and more. Sports and outdoor camp accident insurance can protect you from the financial devastation that can occur as a result of someone’s child getting hurt at camp.

Covers camp liabilities

Camp directors who have sports and outdoor camp insurance can operate their facilities with confidence knowing their policy will cover them in the following cases:

  • Bodily injury that occurs to someone while on the premises
  • Property damage that is caused by the camp or a third party while on the premises
  • Medical expenses that are incurred by someone who is injured on the property – Camp members are excluded from this coverage.

What medical expenses are covered?

Insurance for sports camps has a wide scope of coverage. It is available if coverage is needed for medical care such as radiology, outpatient hospital services, ambulance transport, and orthopedic appliances. It will also cover dental care in the event someone is in need of it. Accidental death and dismemberment coverage is also available in case there is a possibility of a more tragic accident at camp.


Sports and outdoor camp insurance can be customized to suit the individual needs of a camp. Camps range from being non-athletic in nature all the way to high-risk camps such as those for scuba diving. Each type of camp has its own risks and needs. Sports and outdoor camp insurance has many different options so it can be tailored to fit just about any camp there is.

Spectator/public liability

Often, a sports camp will open its doors to parents, siblings, and other spectators. As soon as these people step on the property of the camp, the organization becomes liable for their safety. Sports and outdoor camp insurance can extend to cover spectators as well. The policy will protect the camp in the event that a spectator is injured in any way while on the premises of the camp. This type of policy is ideal for camps that only run for a single day or take place on rented properties.

How are camps protected?

There are three ways a camp can be protected by sports and outdoor camp insurance:

  • Business loss of income coverage kicks in when the camp loses money because operations have ceased for some reason. This coverage assures the employees will get paid, and other operating expenses will be covered.
  • Commercial vehicle coverage covers all vehicles associated with the business in the event of an accident.
  • Workers compensation covers employees who are injured, become ill, or die on the job. It covers treatment and lost wages in the employee cannot return to work.

Kids love going to camp. It is a great time for them to experience the activities they enjoy. However, camps can be risky places, and accidents can occur. Camp organizers need to take precautions and make sure they have sufficient insurance coverage in the event an accident does occur. Sports and outdoor camp insurance can provide the protection they need so they can have the peace of mind that is required to run a successful camp.

Camp directors who are in need of sports and outdoor camp insurance should call the Marine Agency today. We’re one of the top sports camp insurance companies in the industry and we’d love to help you get a sports camp insurance policy that perfectly suits your needs!

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