Microblading Insurance Coverage in Maine

Every microblading business in Maine should make tattoo insurance part of their microblading business plan. It is a necessary part of starting a microblading business. Adequate tattoo and microblading insurance coverage helps protect a company against different types of loss. Make sure that any insurance purchased covers as many potential liability scenarios as possible.

Why Microblading Esthetician Insurance is Important

Every microblading business is exposed to at least a few risks at some point. It’s best to buy both general liability and professional liability insurance to give yourself the best coverage options in a number of different scenarios.

  • A client reacting badly to the dye used during a visit
  • A client ending up with an infection due to the services performed
  • Damage caused when a technician moves a tool the wrong way
  • Clients feeling that an employee acted inappropriately during the visit

A failure to obtain business insurance in Maine could cost you a lot of time and money as you struggle to defend your business resources against legal action. It could also result in you losing everything if you are robbed and don’t have enough money to replace your loss.

Picking a Microblading Insurance Policy

Marine Agency allows you to choose from a variety of the best liability insurance coverage options for your microblading business.

  • Abusive acts by a contractor or employee
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • General liability to cover injuries from trips or falls in a shop
  • Removing of saline pigment
  • Liability coverage for incidents at an off-site trade shows or demonstration

Get the Best Esthetician Insurance for Microblading Today!

You won’t find the level of comprehensive coverage offered by Marine Agency from any other company in Maine.


  • Maine microblading business owners should take steps to protect themselves from risk
  • A lack of microblading and cosmetic tattooing insurance could cause you to lose your business resources in a legal action
  • Business owners should make sure they have adequate coverage.

Contact our experienced team for more information or if you’re interested in obtaining tattoo shop insurance or microblading insurance coverage for your business.

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