How to Know if Your Barbers Insurance Makes the Cut

Barber & beauty insurance is Marine Agency’s specialty. Get complete barber & beauty liability insurance coverage for your barbershop, hair salon, or shaving parlor through Marine Agency’s barber & beauty insurance program.

Marine Agency has been the recognized leader in insurance for barbers & beauty specialists since 1975. We understand the unique challenges in running your tonsorial business. Our policies for barber & beauty shops include:

  • Abusive Acts (abuse & molestation) Liability
  • General (trip & fall, products) Liability
  • Professional (malpractice) Liability
  • Property Coverage (burglary, fire, theft, etc.) for business contents and/or buildings (if owned)
  • Optional Business Interruption Coverage
  • Off-site services covered automatically
  • Independent Contractors included as insureds

Most salon insurance coverages are offered on an a’la carte basis – need everything? Great! Only want professional liability coverage? No problem!

Marine delivers comprehensive business insurance for the barber & beauty industry.

  • Coverage is available throughout the lower 48 states and DC (everywhere but Alaska and Hawaii).
  • All salon, spa, and hairstylist liability insurance coverage is purpose-built for the services you perform.
  • Property coverage (not available in Florida) is written on a “special form”, or sometimes called “open perils”, policy. Instead of a short list of covered perils, we provide a short list of the ones that aren’t. If it’s not in the list, you’re covered!
  • Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about beauty insurance, barber insurance, or any of our other business insurance options.

Get barber & beauty insurance today.