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Marine Agency has been inking body piercing insurance policies since 1990.

Use our years of tattoo & body piercing liability insurance experience to get the right coverage at the right price. No nonsense, straight answers, real insurance. Get complete insurance coverage for your tattooing body art or body piercing studio through Marine Agency’s insurance program. Marine Agency’s tattoo & piercing insurance policies include:

  • Abusive Acts (physical abuse & sexual molestation) Liability
  • General (trip & fall, products) Liability
  • Professional (malpractice) Liability
  • Property Coverage (burglary, fire, theft, etc.)
  • Temporary guest artists covered automatically
  • Surface piercings covered automatically
  • Genital piercings covered automatically
  • Liability coverage automatically follows you to off-site work including while exhibiting at shows and fairs
  • Independent Contractors included as insureds

Buy what you want. Most coverage offered on a cafeteria basis – need everything? Great! Only want professional liability coverage? No problem! But we suggest every body piercing & tattoo shop have these policies.

Marine delivers the best available, most comprehensive tattoo and piercing insurance program.

  • Commercial coverage is available throughout the lower 48 states and DC (everywhere but Alaska and Hawaii).
  • All liability coverage is purpose-built for the services you perform.
  • Property coverage (not available in Florida) is written on a “special form”, or sometimes called “open perils”, policy. Instead of a short list of covered perils, we provide a short list of the ones that aren’t. If it’s not in the list, you’re covered!

Get body piercing & tattoo insurance today.

Marine Agency is proud to support the Alliance of Professional Tattooists and the Coalition for Tattoo Safety.

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Navigating the waters of tattoo insurance can seem intricate, especially when you’re striving to offer the best services to your customers while protecting your business. At Marine Agency, we understand your concerns and the specific risks associated with the tattoo industry. That’s why we’ve curated this FAQ section to address some of the most pressing questions we receive about tattoo insurance.

Q: Why is tattoo insurance necessary for my business? 

A: As a tattoo artist or studio owner, you’re exposed to a variety of risks every day. From potential lawsuits due to unforeseen allergic reactions to property damages within your establishment, tattoo insurance ensures your business remains afloat during challenging times. It provides coverage against unforeseen events that could otherwise lead to substantial financial losses.

Q: What kind of risks are covered under tattoo insurance? 

A: Our tattoo insurance policies cover a broad range of risks. From liabilities arising out of professional errors or omissions, accidental damages to client property, and even potential allegations of misconduct. With the right policy, you’re safeguarded against the many uncertainties that come with offering tattoo and body piercing services.

Q: How is tattoo insurance different from regular business insurance? 

A: Tattoo insurance is tailor-made for the unique needs of the tattoo and body piercing industry. Unlike generic business insurance, our policies at Marine Agency address the specific risks and challenges you face, such as claims related to infections, unsatisfactory artwork, or even property damage within your workspace.

Q: How long does it take to get my tattoo business insured? 

A: At Marine Agency, we value your time. Our streamlined processes ensure that your questions are answered promptly, and your business can get the necessary coverage in no time. Once all the required details are submitted, our team works diligently to expedite your policy.

Q: Are all tattoo and body piercing services covered under the policy? 

A: Different tattoo insurance policies offer varied coverage. While many standard services are covered, it’s crucial to read the policy details or consult with our team to ensure that any specific or niche services you offer are also included in your coverage.

Q: Can I adjust my coverage as my business grows? 

A: Absolutely! As your business expands and evolves, so do your coverage needs. At Marine Agency, we offer flexible policies that can be adjusted based on your changing requirements, ensuring that you’re always protected, no matter how big or diverse your services become

Q: What happens if I face a lawsuit from a customer? 

A: Tattoo artist liability insurance is a form of professional liability (or malpractice) insurance. As such, it provides protection should an artist make a mistake while inking a customer. Most tattoo artist liability protections extend to both mistakes that injure customers and those that result in incorrect tattoos.

Because everyone is liable to make a mistake at some point, this is a protection that every tattoo studio should have. A number of tattoos (e.g. “no regerts”) may be ironically funny, but customers who get such tattoos by mistake rarely find the humor in them. Instead, customers can become quite upset and sue. If they do sue, tattoo artist liability protection will likely help pay any legal fees and settlements associated with the lawsuit. 

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