We are announcing the first major shift in our specialty insurance programs in thirty years. Doing so will allow us to continue providing the stable source of coverage that you’ve come to expect. Beginning 1 July 2017 (new customers) and 1 September 2017 (renewal customers), liability coverages will be provided through Certain Underwriters at Lloyds, London (Lloyds of London). This move alters coverage in a two primary ways: London is a non-admitted carrier, and liability coverage will now be provided on a claims made basis. Additional details and explanations are noted below. Please use the contact form at page bottom with any questions, concerns, or complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions


Claims Made Basis
This does not mean that you’ve had prior claims. There are two primary types of liability insurance. In prior years, coverage was provided on an “occurrence form”. We are proposing renewal/replacement coverage on a “claims made basis”. This impacts the trigger for coverage to apply. Under an “occurrence form”, an injury must occur while a policy was in place. Under a “claims made basis”, the injury must have happened while a policy was in place, but the claim must be made while the policy or a subsequent renewal term is still active.
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Defense Option
In prior years, coverage for the cost of your defense (attorney fees) was separate from the limits of liability, and was covered on an unlimited basis. Going forward, the cost of your defense will be covered within the limits of liability, or optionally from a separate coverage limit. This proposal includes a separate $1,000,000 coverage limit for the cost of your defense. This is the highest option available, and most closely matches that previously provided. Reducing this limit will reduce your annual cost.
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Non Admitted
There are two broad categories of insurers. In prior years, coverage was provided by Zurich North America (“admitted”). We are proposing renewal/replacement coverage through Certain Underwriters at Lloyds, London (“non-admitted”). In some regions, “non-admitted” companies are also called “surplus lines” or “excess lines” carriers. “Admitted” carriers are directly regulated by individual U.S. states. Regulations apply to the rates charged, policy language, treatment of customers, and claims settlement practices. In exchange for this heavy burden or regulatory oversight, these carriers are allowed to participate in a variety of insurance guaranty associations. These function similarly to F.D.I.C. for banks; if a carrier becomes insolvent (bankrupt), a pool of money is made available to pay the claims of affected policy holders. “Non Admitted” carriers are not directly regulated and therefore have a greater degree of flexibility in terms of rate and coverage. In the absence of the same direct regulatory oversight, non-admitted carriers do not participate in the insurance guaranty associations. Lloyds does however provide its own internal capital protections as described on their website at Going forward, Lloyds of London will allow us the flexibility to more rapidly adapt to changes in the industries that we insure.
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Forms & Affidavits
Many U.S. states require that one or more affidavits (forms) or disclosure notices be provided to the customer at the time of proposal and/or policy delivery. In some cases, a signature is required. These forms and notices serve to document that you’ve received an explanation of the different types of insurance carriers (admitted vs. non-admitted) and that your insurance broker has made some effort to place coverage through the admitted market before seeking coverage on a non-admitted basis.
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