Tattoo Wedding Rings

The purpose of a wedding is to join two people who plan to stay together forever. In many cases, couples even decide to get a tattoo to commemorate their marriage. For example, they may get a wedding band tattoo in place of an actual wedding ring. However, a new trend has emerged recently, taking this idea even further. Instead of the bride and groom getting wedding finger tattoos on their own, they offer tattoos to all of their guests as well.

Although this trend is unique and intriguing for many wedding guests, it can also be risky. If you are a tattoo artist providing this service, you need to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage.

Tattoo Wedding Rings

About the Trend

If a couple is interested in tattoo wedding bands, they may also be interested in a tattoo-themed wedding reception. In most cases, the couple hires a tattoo artist to offer tattoos to guests after the ceremony. The tattoos are optional, and most tattoo artists will require guests to choose from several specific designs, as opposed to asking for a unique tattoo. Available designs may include significant numbers or small pictures. Tattoo artists providing designs at weddings generally limit themselves to placing tattoos only on certain parts of the body, such as the arms or legs, avoiding body parts that could cause controversy or embarrassment for other guests.

Risks to the Artist

Although providing tattoos at a wedding reception can allow tattoo artists to make money quickly, it also poses some risks for the tattoo artist. Some of these risks include:

  • Unhappy customers – With so many people being tattooed at one time, the risk of someone being unhappy with his or her design is higher, especially if the tattoo artist is trying to rush. Because tattoos are permanent, these individuals may try to sue the tattoo artist after the wedding.
  • Safety concerns – Most tattoo artists do the majority of their work from inside their own facility. When a tattoo artist is working at a wedding reception, he or she is not in the same controlled environment, which can lead to increased safety concerns and a higher risk of accidents.
  • Remorse – Most people who go to a tattoo parlor have done so willingly because they are committed to getting a certain type of tattoo. However, when a tattoo artist is working at a wedding reception, people who would have never entered a tattoo parlor may spontaneously decide to participate in the heat of the moment. This may lead to a greater amount of remorse among clients. In addition, some clients may get tattoos only because they are drunk, which can cause problems later.

Tattoo Wedding Bands

Tattoo Artists Need Protection

Offering tattoo wedding rings and wedding tattoo services can add value to a tattoo artist’s business. However, because of the risks associated with these services, tattoo artists need to be sure that they have adequate protection in the form of business insurance. Without this insurance, an incident at a single wedding can be incredibly costly. Before providing tattoo services at any wedding reception, tattoo artists should take the time to discuss this issue in detail with an experienced insurance agent.

Key Takeaways

  • Tattoo services at wedding receptions is an emerging trend that is changing the tattoo industry.
  • Although lucrative, this trend can also be risky for tattoo artists.
  • To protect themselves from loss, tattoo artists need adequate insurance protection.

If you are a tattoo artist interested in providing wedding services, please contact Marine Agency today to discuss your insurance needs.

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