Unlock The Free Guide To Insuring Your Premier Medispa In 2018  

Looking for the perfect business makeover? Transform your current space into a premier medispa! Taking your business to the next level can only give you the incentive to thrive and grow in the new year. While you may have the right goal in mind, knowing how to set the plan in motion is the first step. Let’s start with some easy makeover tips:

  • Assess your current services

What do you currently offer, and what do you need to upgrade your services? Are you able to offer all the treatments a medispa needs? How soon can you start offering them? Creating a timetable for implementation is key.

Unlock The Free Guide To Insuring Your Premier Medispa In 2018  

  • Assess your manpower

Do you have the assistants, aestheticians, and doctor on staff to get things moving? What about nail techs? Being able to provide comprehensive services is important. Do you need to provide training? Some states have strict regulations on the types of staff that should be present when operating a medispa. Make sure you are in compliance with all those regulations and licensing requirements.

  • Assess your space

Is your space designed to offer the services you are adding? Do you need to reconfigure some things? Add some equipment? A medispa clinic has a number of areas where services are rendered. Make sure you have space, manpower, and equipment to get the job done. Maybe you need to consider a new space or expansion – don’t leave anything to chance.

Unlock The Free Guide To Insuring Your Premier Medispa In 2018  

  • Get the right equipment

Making an investment in equipment does not come cheap. You’ll need treatment tables and chairs, sterilizers, pedicure stations and more. You want to make sure everything is top of the line, and able to handle high volume.

  • Market your business

Since you are upgrading services, you need to get the word out. Create a brochure for your new services, send emails out to regular clients, get on the radio, and make sure the new version of your business is on the web. Offering a free or discounted service could be beneficial and get things moving along.

Insuring your premier medispa

Once you’ve taken care of the logistics, one of the most important elements you cannot avoid is getting your medispa insured. Why? First, you don’t want to offer any services as a business without liability insurance. It’s setting yourself up for failure. Second, as a medispa, you will offer specialized services that could compromise you and your clients. You have to be covered for anything that could possibly happen. If you use independent contractors, you should have protection for them under your insurance to make sure everyone working is covered. That’s good business.

Some of the policies you should consider:

  • Professional liability
  • General liability
  • Property coverage
  • Independent contractors
  • Equipment

Most of these policies can be combined into an umbrella policy to save you time and money. Potential customers do their research, and you want to make sure you are licensed and insured under any circumstance. Working with an insurer that specializes in coverage for medispas can point you in the right direction.

Change your perspective for 2018 and take things to the next level! When transforming your business into a medispa clinic, remember these key things;

  • Assess services
  • Assess manpower
  • Assess your space
  • Acquire the right equipment
  • Get insured
  • Market your business

These four components will work as the foundation to setting you up for success. Nothing works without having a concrete plan or goals in place. For more information on how you can upgrade to offer premier medispa clinic services and acquire the insurance coverage you need, contact an associate at the Marine Agency Corp for a consultation and quote today!

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