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Picture this: you’ve landed the biggest gig in your life playing at a local outdoor music festival with your band.  You’ve been working towards this for years and years, polishing your act and networking.  Now it’s all finally paying off. As you hit the stage and the crowd goes wild.  Then, out of the corner of your eye, you notice some commotion in the crowd at the front of the stage.  A teenage girl has tripped and fallen, and the rowdy crowd has made things worse – stepping on the young girl and injuring her severely before the paramedic from the back of the crowd can push up to the front and rescue her.  She is taken away in an ambulance and ends up spending the night in a hospital with a few broken bones.  What happens next?

Performer Insurance: The Best Way to Protect You and Your Audience

After your big show ends, you immediately check in with a stage technician about your injured young fan. Thankfully you learn that she is going to be ok.  But, you also learn something else from the stage tech, which has the potential to stop your show business dreams in their tracks.  The outdoor venue you are playing at doesn’t have insurance to cover situations like this, and the girl’s mounting hospital bills are running up into the hundreds of thousands.  For a big name professional performer, this kind of news can be troublesome. For a local act just getting started out or a veteran performer who hasn’t hit the big time, this situation can be downright disastrous. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Depending on whether or not you have performance/entertainer insurance for your band, a young girl’s bodily injury could lead to one of two things. If you don’t have insurance, you will very likely be held liable for her hospital bills – meaning hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your own pocket.  That’s big money for most artists and can lead to the kind of setback that can ruin a performer’s career.  Again, she will be fine after some time in the hospital, but paying for that time is expensive and most people can’t shoulder a cost that big very easily.

If you DO have performer insurance, your young fan’s medical bills will most likely be covered.  Good performer insurance opens in a new windowcan cover up to a million dollars’ worth of liability. This means that all of your fan’s hospital bills will be handled by the insurance company.  Depending on what kind of plan you have, the rest of your band will probably be safe too: performer insurance can cover whole groups, or be purchased to cover all of the liability at a specific event.  Depending on what kind of coverage you have invested in, your dreams in show business probably won’t have to come to a quick stop. After just a little bit of work with an insurance agent, your young fan’s bills will be covered and your career as a performer can go on.

Who Needs Performer Insurance?

As it turns out, just about everyone who performs can benefit from performer insurance.  There are other types of insurance to help cover vendors opens in a new window and people who work at festivals and in performance venues. But if you are on the stage or the main act, performer insurance will help you shake the stress of a large show.  The last thing you want to have to worry about as a performer is covering damages caused to one of your audience members; as long as you have performer insurance with a policy opens in a new window that protects you, you won’t have to.

Santa Claus Insurance

Even Santa Claus needs performer insurance!  You read that right. Whether you take the stage year round, or only perform seasonally as Jolly St. Nick, performer insurance can be a great investment.  When a child falls off of Santa’s lap at the mall, that poor young believer might have a bad day and get a bruise. But, if he or she ends up seriously injured, and Santa doesn’t have insurance opens in a new window, a simple fall could end Santa’s career.  Whether you suit up in leather and belt punk rock tunes, or suit up in red and make children’s holidays a little more magical, performer insurance will let you focus on doing your job and having fun. And, it can stop you from worrying about liability when you are performing. Insurance companies, such as Marine Agency, offer nationwide Santa insurance policies!

Performers Liability Insurance

Marine Agency Insurance was founded in New York in 1922, and originally only covered “marine” type businesses. These days, Marine Agency offers a wide variety of policies to cover all all types of businesses, from tattoo parlors to career Santa Clauses entertainers.  Marine Agency has a proud history of adapting our products to the needs of our clients, and we have policies to help out various kinds of business owners.

Contact our experts at Marine Agency for a performer’s insurance quote and more!

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