Why Insurance is Necessary for Small Business Owners & Performers

Insurance is a necessity for any business. It is especially important for any business or individual involved in the performing arts or a business that requires a significant physical output. Traditional professional liability insurance often does not provide adequate coverage for people in these industries. Thankfully, there are some more industry-specific options from which they can choose.

Performer’s Insurance

Performer’s insurance is a specialized type of insurance meant to protect individuals who work in the performing arts in the event that something catastrophic occurs during the course of their performance.

Who needs Performer’s Insurance?

The term “performer” covers a fairly wide range of people. Anyone in the entertainment industry who performs for an audience can benefit from holding a performer’s insurance policy. Some types of entertainers for whom performance insurance is helpful include but is not limited to the following:

  • Balloon artists
  • Belly dancers
  • Caricature artists
  • Clowns
  • Comedians
  • Contortionists
  • Cultural dancers
  • Face painters
  • Individual disk jockeys
  • Illusionists
  • Jugglers
  • Magicians
  • Mimes
  • Puppeteers
  • Santas
  • Street performers
  • Storytellers

Since these performers deal heavily with the general public, it is essential that they have insurance that covers them in the event of an accident.

What does Performer’s Insurance cover?

Like other types of insurance, performer’s insurance covers the policyholder in the event of property damage, bodily injury, or death that occurs as a result of the performers act. Some specific types of acts that can be covered under performer’s insurance include injury or death of volunteers or spectators, property that was damaged during the normal course of the performance, injuries resulting from any activity necessary to complete the performance, alleged negligence, costs of investigations, and corporal punishment. Click here to see a list of people who have died while performing throughout history.


Performer’s insurance does have some exclusions with it. This insurance does not cover abuse or molestation, acts of terrorism and asbestos liability. There are several other instances when the insurance company that has issued the policy will not accept a claim. Performers need to check their policies closely to be sure of everything that is covered and exempted.

Examples of the Importance of Performer’s Insurance

Have you ever seen the movie, “Final Destination”? Basically, things that you never imagined happening end up taking people’s lives. It’s a horror film, and it’s meant to scare you.  Most of us know that the chances of these occurrences happening are slim to none…but what if?

According to this article, 30 children take a trip to the emergency room every day from bounce houses! A man who might be working as an illusionist at a child’s birthday party could have a malfunction and strike a child in the audience. Without performer’s insurance the girl may need extensive hospital care and could sue the pants off of the magician. A fire performer could accidentally set someone ablaze. A small venue could have something on the stage collapse and land on an audience member. It’s not fun to think about and it doesn’t happen often but for people involved in this particular business, you have to be prepared for the unthinkable.

Dance School Insurance

Dance schools and studios don’t fall under the scope of performer’s insurance. But, it is a good idea for them to carry specialized insurance. Marine Insurance Agency offers insurance that perfectly fits the needs of institutions that teach and foster the art of dance.

Why Dance School and Studio Insurance?

Dancers work incredibly hard whether on stage or in class. Because dancers put their bodies through physically taxing and strenuous work, they subject themselves to injury on a daily basis. When an injury occurs during class time or rehearsal, the dance studio can possibly be liable and without the proper insurance, it is quite possible the business can be lost in a lawsuit. Traditional professional liability insurance might not cover a dance studio extensively enough for their needs, so carrying insurance that is specific to the business is a wise idea.

What does Dance School and Studio Insurance cover?

Dance studio insurance will cover the necessary medical costs associated with the sustained injury. Diagnostic medical care including x-rays and other tests as well as more invasive procedures that require hospital stays are covered with this insurance. Healing devices such as orthopedics are also covered under this type of insurance.

Who does Dance School and Studio insurance cover?

Dance studio insurance covers anyone directly associated with the functioning of the studio. Owners, directors, instructors and other employees all fall under the protection of this insurance.

Optional coverage

Dance studio insurance offers a variety of options to add to a policy. This feature makes the insurance customizable to fit any studio’s specific needs.

Martial Arts Insurance

Another type of specified insurance offered through Marine Agency is Martial Arts coverage. Even though the martial arts are safe when they are done correctly, there is a high risk of injury with the activity.  Similar to insurance for dance studios, martial arts schools and dojos need better insurance options than those that are provided with traditional business insurance.

Accidental injuries

Martial arts insurance protects the owner of the school in the event that a student or employee becomes injured during a class. This insurance will help the school pay for medical expenses that aren’t covered by traditional insurance plans. Martial arts insurance will also cover catastrophic injuries and even accidental deaths in the event such a tragedy were to happen.

Liability coverage

Martial arts insurance also covers the business and business owner in the event of a lawsuit.

Optional coverage

Martial arts insurance offers a variety of options to add to a policy. This feature makes the insurance customizable to fit any school or dojo’s specific needs.

Having the right insurance coverage is important. Due to the nature of their jobs, people working as performers and those who run dance or martial arts studios are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits because of the high risk and potential for serious injury involved with them. Traditional insurance just isn’t sufficient for their needs. Marine Agency has the solution for them. They have customized insurance solutions available for performers, dance studios, and martial arts dojos, as well as other industry-specific policies. Their policies are comprehensive and affordable.

Check Marine Agency out today to see how we can help you.

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