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Why Online Reviews Are Important for Your Cosmetic Tattooing Business

Just like most consumer-focused businesses, operating tattoo and piercing shops can be a challenge. There is marketing to conduct, rent to pay, licensing to maintain, taxes to fill out, supplies to be managed, and liability insurance coverage to secure. Many challenges in this industry are due to the personal and permanent nature of the business. Really bad tattoos can lead to a bad reputation and costly legal action.

In the case of cosmetic tattoos such as microblading and permanent makeup, monitoring and responding to online reviews is essential. Much like the tight-knit tattoo community, the beauty and cosmetic tattoo community do their due diligence. Consumers are turning to other online reviewers to understand the work of a salon or shop so they can educate themselves before choosing the right artist and services. Tattoo shop reviews are particularly important for tattoo and piercing shops and if they hope to stay in business they need to take action and understand why online reviews should be viewed as more than just an online ‘troll’. Here are the major reasons why online reviews are important to your cosmetic tattoo business.

Why Online Reviews Are Important for Your Cosmetic Tattooing Business

Tattoo Clients are Highly Connected to the Internet

While smartphone penetration in the United States has reached nearly 80%, that percentage increases as the demographics get younger. In fact, recent Pew Research opens in a new window indicates that 95% of adults 18-34 years old now own smartphones. They are connected to social media and review websites like never before. They are not afraid to speak their mind about any product online, particularly bad quality tattoos or a service that they want to warn others about. Online reviews don’t only happen on platforms such as Yelp. All social media platforms can be used as a way to review and criticise your business. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, personal blogging, and Twitter will see their fair share of reviews. It is important to know your customers and where to find them online so that you can properly monitor what customers are saying about your business.

Tattoo Clients are Highly Connected to Each Other

The tattoo and piercing community is very close-knit, knows what they like, and they appreciate great work. Terrific word of mouth advertising is critical for growing a tattoo business and that includes online reviews. One of the best advertising is to do a great job! You should not only consider bad online reviews but also positive ones. Customers are not only going to share negative experiences so you should also monitor for positive feedback and consider sharing and advertising it.

Why Online Reviews Are Important for Your Cosmetic Tattooing Business

Prospects Rely on Online Reviews

Not that long ago, those in search of a product or service would ask family and friends for recommendations. That has dramatically changed. More and more are relying on reviews posted by people they don’t even know to share experiences. This is particularly true of Millennials opens in a new window, now the largest generation on the planet. Everyone is looking at everything online, especially something as permanent as cosmetic tattoos. You want to make sure that your work on the customer and their experience is excellent because you can almost count on the fact they will share their experience.

The Importance of Insurance In Building Trust

Trust is an extremely valuable commodity in the tattoo and piercing business. This trust can be built through consistent, high-quality work. Trust can also be reinforced by making sure your clients and prospects understand you are properly licensed. You should also promote the fact that your business protects yourself and your customers through proper liability insurance coverage. Liability insurance for tattoo shops can provide coverage for allergic reactions, accidental injuries while tattooing, and infections. Your insurance coverage can help should there be any claims filed against you for unsatisfactory tattoos. You can even be covered should someone become injured in a slip and fall in your studio.

If you are serious about your business, take all of the steps to properly secure its future. This includes appropriate insurance coverage for tattoo and piercing shops. Having the proper insurance would demonstrate a level of professionalism available from your business.

Important Takeaways

  • Reputation and trust are critical in the tattoo industry because of the personal and permanent nature of the business.
  • Assume customers will post a review about their experience at your studio. Do your level best to make sure that experience is a positive one.
  • Build trust in your business with consistent, quality work and letting clients know you are fully licensed and insured. It can make choosing your studio more appealing.


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