Valentine's Day Tattoo Insurance

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and romance, and what better way to do that than to get a beautiful piece of art tattooed on your body? Whether you go get a Valentine’s Day tattoo by yourself or with your significant other, this will be something special, and will make you smile every time you look down at your new tattoo. Love can be honored in many ways, but getting a permanent mark with significant meaning is something that you will always cherish.

A heart

This one might seem a little obvious, but there are many different heart styles that can uniquely fit your taste. Not every heart is the same. There are many different kinds of ornamental hearts that look beautiful as tattoos. If you want the heart to be hidden so only you can see it, you can get it done in a discreet place, like in between your fingers, or behind your ear.

A rose

Roses are so beautiful, and look stunning as tattoos. You can get them done in various colors. Reds and pinks are romantic colors, but roses also look beautiful in black and white, or even in blue. Popular places to get roses are on the legs, neck, and shoulders. Other flowers are also popular tattoos for Valentine’s Day. Flowers are very romantic and are symbolic of love.


Lace is very romantic and intricate. Some people get lace designs as sleeves, which look gorgeous. Lace patterns look beautiful just by themselves, but you can get lace in many different shapes and designs, like hearts, birds, and flowers. You can basically get lace in the form of anything, as long as the design isn’t too intricate. If it is, the ink lines might bleed together.


Any tattoo can come in watercolor form. Watercolor design will make any tattoo look less harsh. The color can also appear more or less vibrant on your skin, depending on what colors are used. Flowers look really amazing in watercolor, and so do other nature tattoos, such as sunsets and ocean scenes.

A love quote

There are many beautiful quotes that would be perfect as tattoos. Something short and sweet or longer with meaning will work. As long as it is special to you, having a quote tattooed by a professional cosmetic tattoo artist is never a bad idea. Love is meant to be permanent and forever, so what better way to show that than with a quote that will last for the ages?

An infinity symbol

The meaning behind infinity symbols is very special. The symbol is a never ending loop, which signifies that we are all eternal whether we are in our physical bodies or not. This tattoo is popular because there are so many layers behind its meaning and it relates to all cultures. Infinity tattoos are very popular among couples. Some people just get the plain infinity sign, but you can also get words intertwined in the infinity loop.

Something that reminds you of your significant other

Every couple has their own personal words and symbols that mean something special to them. Getting matching tattoos of something meaningful to both of you is a great sentiment if you are in a serious relationship. You both could get quotes, a certain symbol, or even something as simple as the date that you met or started dating.

A heartbeat

You can keep a printout from an EKG and get it as a tattoo. This will be very unique because no one else will have that exact heartbeat. This tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to be about your significant other—it can be about anyone who means something special to you. You can also get words or a quote intertwined in the heartbeat to give it more meaning.


Fingerprints are another design that will be unique to only you. Just as no two snowflakes are the same, neither are fingerprints. If you get someone’s fingerprints tattooed onto your body, no one else will have that exact tattoo. You can even get two fingerprints and shape them into a heart, or a word. Fingerprints are a great way for you and your significant other to show how much you care about each other.


Valentine’s Day isn’t just a celebration of romantic love. Many people in your life love you and care about you, whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a grandparent, a friend, or even a pet. You can get a tattoo that is symbolic of those types of love. Whether it’s a quote, matching tattoos with your loved one, or something unique that reminds you of him or her, there is no love that can’t be celebrated!

Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

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