An accident on the New Jersey turnpike is your fault, and you’re sued for a hefty $500,000.

Your deck collapses, sends a dozen of your friends to the ER and leaves you with a huge medical treatment liability.

Do these scenarios sound far-fetched? Of course, you hope such incidents never happen, but they do. Are you adequately insured?

Unfortunately, your existing home and auto insurance might not provide the coverage you need to pay for these unexpected and expensive liabilities. You could have to tap your retirement account or nest egg, run up credit card debt or even lose valuable assets like your house.

Don’t let these unfortunate events threaten your security and peace of mind. With personal umbrella coverage, your assets are protected.

What is Personal Umbrella Coverage?

When you think of an umbrella, what comes to mind? Protection. That’s what an umbrella provides, and personal umbrella insurance works the same way.

Thinking back to the $500,000 vehicular accident liability example, your auto insurance policy might cover only $250,000 in damages. Where will you find the additional funds? Your personal umbrella insurance would supplement your existing auto insurance policy and ensure the entire bill is paid in full. What a relief!

Wouldn’t you like to have that peace of mind that no matter what happens? You can with personal umbrella insurance coverage.

Who Needs Personal Umbrella Coverage?

If you own a home or vehicle, you benefit from this extra layer of protection. It’s coverage that’s designed with all insurance customers in mind. Personal umbrella liability insurance coverage is an important addition to your insurance coverage program.

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