Wedding Reception Insurance & Wedding Day Insurance

Is Wedding Insurance Necessary?

We all want our wedding day to be one of the happiest days of our lives. From flowers and food to the ceremony, many couples spend several months planning their perfect wedding day. When it’s finally time for the special day, what happens if a guest suffers an injury? If this happens, any special day can become a nightmare. While a future injury in and of itself can’t be prevented, wedding day and wedding reception insurance can help ease any worries a couple has on their minds about dealing with this type of incident. Read on below to find out about the one-day or a three-day wedding liability insurance package Marine Agency offers couples.

Is Wedding Insurance Expensive?

Marine Agency Corporation provides couples quality wedding insurance coverage with the lowest premium rates possible. Our goal is to ensure that once the wedding day is done; all the financial issues associated with the celebration are satisfied as well. This allows the couple to begin their lives together without additional financial concerns.

Are these ‘one size fits all’ insurance packages?

No, specialized wedding day insurance packages are available. Marine Agency Corporation can customize packages based on the number of people attending the wedding/reception to whether the wedding festivities continue the next day. These unique packages are affordable and unparalleled within the insurance industry.

So, what activities are covered by wedding insurance?

All the types of activities related to conducting a wedding and the events related to a wedding are covered.

What particular protections does insurance for wedding reception offer to the Policyholder?

This type of insurance coverage protects the Policyholder against liability for claims of:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Advertising injury
  • Personal injury

The Policyholder is also protected in relation to the litigation costs necessary to defend him/her against these claims.

Are there wedding coverage limits?

The coverage limit for Marine Agency Corporation’s wedding insurance is $1 million for each occurrence.

Is there a deductible?


Is there a way to increase the limit amount?


There is an option that allows for a $1 million liability limit increase, raising the limit to $2 million. There is also an optional medical expense benefit of $5,000 available. This benefit is designed to reimburse an injured guest for expenses related to medical procedures and/or funeral processes, regardless as to whether the Policyholder is liable or not.

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