Workers Comp Insurance for Tattoo Shops

Marine Agency is proud to be The Hartford’s exclusive agent for tattoo workers’ compensation coverage throughout USA.  

Our workers’ compensation program is about more than just insurance coverage.

Customers of The Hartford have access to programs that could help improve the health of their businesses and the safety and well-being of their employees. Through special arrangements with Shoes for Crews®, Herman Miller® and Accurate Background Employment Screening, you and your employees could receive significant discounts on products and services that may reduce the likelihood, and potentially the severity, of work-related injuries. Helping control claims costs could have a positive impact on future workers’ compensation premiums, which is great news! With access to special services, industry-leading coverage and claims management programs that set the standard for injured worker care – you’ve got a system of well-being for your employees.


A slip, trip or fall in the workplace hurts both you and your employees – medical expenses, days off from work and lost wages are difficult both financially and  emotionally.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims.

  • 1M+ visits to the ER annually1
  • 11 days: median time off following a slip, trip or fall2
  • 85% of accidents are from slick floors3
  • 10K claims annually4
  • $20K – $30K avg cost per claim4

Shoes for Crews offers discounts on slip-resistant footwear. Discounts range between 15% and 25% depending on the shoe purchased.


  • Improve worker safety, morale and efficiency.
  • Can help reduce workers’ compensation losses, which could have a positive impact on future premiums.


Hiring practices that don’t adequately evaluate new hires may contribute to rising employee-related injury claims and increase your liability.

Nearly three in four employers are affected by a bad hire5

  • 46% of employment, education, or reference checks revealed discrepancies6
  • 70% of college students said they would lie on a resume to get a job they want6
  • 74% of all drug users are employed7

Through a partnership with Accurate Background Employment Screening, customers of The Hartford have access to employment-related services at a discounted rate. Types of services available include: background checks, drug testing and employment/license verification.

Contact Accurate Background by calling 847-704-8438. Use the VIP Code Word: 1810 LARRY.


  • Helps reduce the potential risks associated with your hiring practices.
  • Convenience of a new hire screening process that minimizes paperwork and keystrokes.


Mounting medical evidence suggests that limited movement and poor workplace  ergonomics can lead to significant health risks, which can impact the health of your employees and your bottom line.


  • Each year, back pain costs companies an estimated $7.4B8
  • At age 60, our eyes need 3x as much light to see as they did at 208
  • 8 out of 10 workers experience back pain at some point8

Through an exclusive partnership with Herman Miller, customers of The Hartford have access to special program pricing on high-quality ergonomic office furniture.


  • Ergonomic furniture and tools can help reduce the likelihood of workers’ compensation, health and disability claims.
  • Improved environment and employee experience can help boost productivity.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Information

Workers compensation insurance covers many of the expenses incurred when an employee becomes injured on the job or sustains an employment-related illness. If an employee is injured or ill, the insurer will help to cover the employee’s essential costs like medical care, lost wages and more.

Affordable workers comp insurance coverage may also protect you from legal problems. Most states require employers to purchase workers compensation insurance coverage. Failing to obtain adequate insurance may result in financial penalties and other sanctions. If you don’t carry a policy, you may also find yourself facing lawsuits from any workers who become injured or ill while you are uninsured.

Coverage from Marine Agency

Here at Marine Agency, we offer affordable workers compensation insurance for tattoo shops and other businesses throughout the United States. We can provide coverage to employers in all states, including NJ, Florida, and Texas, with the exception of North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming.

Don’t get caught without workers compensation coverage. If you are currently uninsured, think you may be paying too much for workers compensation insurance, or want to learn about our other important business insurance policies

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The Hartford does not offer or provide the Shoes for Crews, Accurate Background Employment Screening and Herman Miller products and cannot make any claims or promises that use of those products or services will result in lower workers’ compensation losses. All such products and services are provided by Shoes for Crews, Accurate Background Employment Screening or Herman Miller, respectively. Herman Miller® is a registered trademark of Herman Miller, Inc. The use of research provided in this document is not an endorsement by the researchers or their associated organizations.

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3 Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets, 5th Edition
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