Antique Truck Coverage

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Antique trucks, commercial vehicles, fire engines, and other specialty classics are fan favorites at classic car shows, partly due to their rarity. If you’re thinking of investing in a classic commercial vehicle, insurance should be at the top of your list. Coverage for an antique truck is a bit different than your regular auto insurance. Read More »

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How to Start Your Personal Trainer Career

personal training course , what kind of insurance do I need as a personal trainer , personal trainer insurance , self-employed , waiver , form , Personal trainer career path

If you’re thinking of embarking on a personal trainer career path, you’re not alone. The number of personal trainers in America is expected to continue increasing for the next few years, according to Fitness Mentors , with median salaries for personal trainers approaching $60,000 per year. Here’s a quick look at Read More »

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Classic Car Insurance for Spring

Classic car insurance vs. regular , who offers classic car insurance , best classic car insurance , classic car insurance quote auto insurance , modified , antique

Warm springtime weather is here and if you own an antique or classic car, you may be anxious to get it out of the garage and on the road again. Whether you plan to tow your antique vehicle on a trailer to classic car shows or just want to show it off around town, classic Read More »

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Laser Hair Removal for the Trans Community

Laser hair removal side effects , laser hair removal pros and cons , insurance for laser hair removal business , before and after

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Members of the transgender community, in particular, have found this hair removal procedure helpful for minimizing unwanted facial or body hair. These surprisingly simple treatments can help ease the transition for transgender individuals who are seeking to reduce hair growth Read More »

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How to Reopen Your Business

Can I reopen a closed business, how to reopen a business, reopen business, how do you reboot a business for success, small businesses, business acceleration, recently closed, coronavirus

Many businesses are currently closed, either temporarily or permanently, because of the coronavirus pandemic. This change has been challenging for many small businesses, especially when it comes to finances. As the spread of the virus begins to slow down or become stagnant, state governors are announcing plans to begin loosening restrictions Read More »

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A Guide to Workers Compensation

Workers compensation laws, workers compensation benefits,, workers compensation guidelines, employer's guide to workers compensation, what is workers compensation and how does it work, compensation insurance

As an employer, it is important to understand workers’ compensation guidelines so you can be sure your company is in compliance with the law. It is also wise to learn about this type of coverage so you can maximize its benefits for your business. Below is an employer’s guide to workers’ compensation insurance intended to Read More »

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Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance this Spring

do you need motorcycle insurance, cost for motorcycle insurance, best motorcycle insurance companies, motorcycle insurance policy, rates, commercial, bikers, claims, coverage

The warm spring and summer weather is almost upon us yet again, which can only mean one thing – you’re about to pull the tarp off that motorcycle that has been sitting in your garage all winter and head out onto the open road. But before you do, there’s one very important factor that you’re Read More »

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Laser Hair Removal for Spring

Laser hair removal side effects, laser hair removal pros and cons, laser hair removal insurance, insurance for laser hair removal business, fully body, upper lip, skin, summer, leg

The warm weather is almost here, which for a lot of people means removing unwanted body hair. Traditional shaving is very time consuming and can leave you with bumps and cuts. More and more, people are turning to more effective techniques like laser hair removal to get ready for the upcoming beach days that they’re Read More »

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CoolSculpting for your Summer Body

Coolsculpting risks, coolsculpting results, coolsculpting side effects, is coolsculpting permanent, is coolsculpting covered by insurance, coolsculpting insurance coverage

During the winter months, it’s common to put on a few extra pounds. This weight can make some of us dread warmer weather, especially if those fat deposits are a bit too stubborn and really difficult to burn off at the gym. Fortunately, there are more than 4,000 medispas and salons offering CoolSculpting opens in Read More »

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Everything You Need to Know About Liability Insurance For Massage Therapy

Liability insurance for massage therapist, Best liability insurance for massage therapists, General liability insurance for massage therapists

As a massage therapist, you’re running a business that is already more intimate than most. That’s why massage insurance is so important. Not only is this an ideal way to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build from lawsuits filed by a client, but it also helps defend against the ramifications of negligence, error Read More »

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