How Much Does it Cost to Become an Esthetician

how much does it cost to become an esthetician, information, schools, work, state, students, books, fees, offer, clients, course

If you are interested in becoming an esthetician, one of the first questions that may come to mind is how much the training will cost. The answer depends on several factors, such as the state you live in, the school you choose, and the fees associated with the course. In this blog post, we will … Continue reading How Much Does it Cost to Become an Esthetician

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Different Hair Treatments Available at Salons: Which One is Right for You?

hair treatment, clients, people, salon, injury, claim, work, care, client, action, win, law

A trip to the salon can be an excellent way to pamper yourself and give your hair some much-needed care. Hair treatments can make a huge difference in the health and appearance of your hair. From keratin to protein, there are many hair treatment types available at salons. But which one is right for you? … Continue reading Different Hair Treatments Available at Salons: Which One is Right for You?

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Why Tattoo Artists Advise Against Numbing Cream

why don’t tattoo artists like numbing cream, skin, pain, time, client, people, applied, work, feel, process, experience

Did you know that nearly half of Americans under the age of 40 have one or more tattoos? A couple of decades ago, tattoos were slightly taboo. Now, people from all walks of life are choosing to get inked. The number of people with tattoos has risen by almost 50% since 2012! One of the … Continue reading Why Tattoo Artists Advise Against Numbing Cream

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The Patchwork Tattoo Trend

patchwork tattoos, art, space, ideas, love, arms, beautiful, sleeve, time, style, ink, lot, flowers, theme

While patchwork tattoos are most known for their bold lines, colorful choices, and traditional themes, sleeves don’t have to embody those trends. In fact, the only trait they share is that they’re made up of individual pieces rather than one large element. They’re great for starting out with body art and then growing. One piece … Continue reading The Patchwork Tattoo Trend

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What is a Conch Piercing?

conch piercing, jewelry, pain, heal, cartilage, ear, choose, hoop, infection, irritation, clean, cost

The conch piercing, also known as a human shell piercing, has been around for years. But now, like laser hair removal and tattoos, it is more popular than ever. What is a conch piercing, and should you get one? Let’s find out!  What Is a Conch Piercing? Your ears have an inner and outer conch … Continue reading What is a Conch Piercing?

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The Benefits of Getting a Tattoo in Winter

benefits of getting a tattoo in winter, time, skin, sweat, year, summer, ink, sun, fade, heal

Tattoos are becoming more common, with 36% of Americans between the ages of 18-29 having at least one tattoo. If you’re getting your first tattoo, there are likely so many questions going through your mind. It’s normal for people to anticipate the pain and wonder how to care for a new tattoo. But, there’s one … Continue reading The Benefits of Getting a Tattoo in Winter

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3 Couple Tattoo Ideas

couple tattoo ideas, day, relationship, love, life, partner, cute, perfect, heart, share, design, symbol, lock

Did you know that almost half of Americans have at least one tattoo? Statistics show that 41% of men and 58% of women have one tattoo or more. Couple tattoos are rarer, however. Some people are reluctant to get inked proof of their love. But often, one of the biggest barriers to getting a matching … Continue reading 3 Couple Tattoo Ideas

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What are Micro-Realism Tattoos?


Tattoos can range in style from abstract to realistic. Sometimes, they incorporate symbols and graphics that are only recognizable to the client, usually with a special or sentimental reason attached. Other times, they are more intricate and lifelike in nature. An example of this is micro-realism tattoos. While this style requires a great deal of … Continue reading What are Micro-Realism Tattoos?

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The 90’s Nostalgia Tattoo Trend

90’s tattoo trend, time, fact, butterflies, decade, way, people, popular, years, today

They say that everything old will eventually be new again, and that’s the case with the recent wave of nostalgic ’90s trends making a comeback. In addition to rocking throwback fashions, some people are marking the movement in a more permanent manner.  The ‘90s tattoo trends are back and better than ever! Today, we’re sharing … Continue reading The 90’s Nostalgia Tattoo Trend

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How Many Electrology Sessions Does it Take to See Results?

electrolysis results, time, hair, skin, treatment, people, body, area, face, work, long, pain

Did you know that the average woman spends roughly $10,000 on shaving over her lifetime? Not only is body shaving a hassle, but it’s also expensive! No wonder more and more people are either opting out of hair removal completely or turning to permanent methods such as electrolysis.  However, electrolysis isn’t a single-session solution either. … Continue reading How Many Electrology Sessions Does it Take to See Results?

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