A Complete Guide to Different Types of Piercings

Complete guide to body piercings, types of body piercings, piercing names, ear, nose, tongue

Marine Agency has been a full-service independent insurance agency since 1990. For 31 years, we have offered both business and personal insurance coverage, from tattoos to piercings, spas, salons, electrology, and more. Body piercings are one form of coverage we offer, and there are multiple types of body piercings to choose from. From ear to Read More »

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Why a Risk Management Plan is Important to Have for Your Business

Importance of risk management, benefits of risk management, risk management in business, process, example, steps

Creating your own business instead of working for someone else is a noble, essential part of the American dream. Part of creating something new, however, is the inherent risk involved. All business carries some risk, from supply line problems to problems with your product or a million other issues, large and small. The importance of Read More »

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Commercial Flood Insurance

Buy flood insurance, best commercial flood insurance, flood insurance company, insurance agency, flood damage, liability insurance

Flood insurance is a type of coverage many people do not think about when they are buying insurance. However, floods are the most common type of natural disaster, and most homeowner policies do not provide flood coverage. If you live or own a business in a flood zone, whether high-risk or low-risk, it’s important to Read More »

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The Tattoo Pain-O-Meter

Tattoo pain comparison, how painful is a tattoo, tattoo pain chart, least painful, area, body

How painful is a tattoo? Most would say, very. However, what some people may not know is the fact that they can hurt more or less, depending on where you choose to place them. Many people make the mistake of getting a tattoo in the wrong location, which is something it’s almost impossible not to Read More »

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Prepare for Warmer Weather with Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal process, laser hair removal insurance, laser hair removal insurance coverage, laser hair removal medspa

Warm weather is finally arriving, and now is the time to eliminate that pesky hair with laser hair removal. Once your body hair is removed, you will have the confidence you need to hit the beach in your swimsuit without worrying about how you look. Unlike self-editing with sharp razor blades, there is absolutely nothing Read More »

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Marine Agency’s Ability to Receive New and Renewal Insurance Quotes in a Timely Manner

Auto insurance, easy insurance renewal, insurance renewal quotes, insurance companies, compare

Marine Agency has decades of experience providing insurance services. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ensuring that we meet our clients’ needs. Our commitment to customer service extends to our timely response to inquiries and our ability to return an insurance quote to eligible clients in 24 hours or less. Marine Agency provides Read More »

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5 Things to Know Before Getting a Tragus or Daith Piercing

Does tragus piercing hurt more than Daith, daith piercing 2021, surface tragus piercing, tragus piercing stud, anxiety, healing, price

Piercings aren’t just fashionable, sometimes, they are actually functional as well. For instance, the tragus and daith piercings (2021 trends) are both said to be effective ways to treat migraines and other ailments. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting a piercing, there is always a risk involved. With that in mind, here is a list Read More »

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9 Tips to Help You Keep Your Tattoo Studio Safe

Safe tattoo practices, tattoo shop must haves, tattooing safely, standards, health and safety, warning signs

Tattoo artists are required by law to follow specific regulations. In particular, tattoo studios are required to abide by the standards and rules established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as the health and safety requirements of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). However, Read More »

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5 Valentine’s Day Themed Manicure Designs to Ask for at the Salon


Love is in the air! We are less than a month away from February 14th, and if you own a nail salon or another business that provides manicures, you can win the allegiance of many more customers by providing artful Valentine’s Day nail art designs. This is your opportunity to put your creativity on display, Read More »

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Tattoo Trends in 2021

Top tattoo design trends 2021, popular tattoos for 2021, tattoo insurance, trendy tattoos, henna designs

Tattoo trends in 2021 are likely to have some introspection level coming out of a year ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Perspectives will have shifted, and many aspects of our lives will reflect those changes. Popular tattoos for 2021 may represent something of a rebirth as people appreciate things once taken for granted, like driving Read More »

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