Why You Need Insurance For Your Yoga Studio

insurance for yoga studios

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your hobby turned into your job? This is something maybe people have been able to do, one example is yoga. If you love practicing yoga, then teaching it could be incredibly rewarding and financially profitable, but it comes with certain risks. In addition to common business risks, you also have Read More »

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The Biggest Tattoo Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Update!)

biggest tattoo mistakes and how to avoid them 2020

Whether you’ve just opened a brand-new tattoo parlor, or you’ve been in a successful business for several years, you can still be at risk of a tattoo lawsuit if something goes wrong. That’s why it pays to have tattoo shop insurance, which can protect you from some of the most common lawsuit types, no matter Read More »

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Employees vs. Independent Contractors  


It’s very common for tattoo businesses to incorporate independent contractors as “guest artists” for their customers. However, a lot of tattoo studio owners may be unclear about the differences between hiring employees vs. independent contractors. Depending on the work arrangement you have with a contractor, the IRS might look at your individual situation and classify Read More »

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Why Holiday Performers Need Insurance

Party entertainer insurance, group performer insurance, entertainers and performers insurance, insurance for performers

As we head into the holiday season, business always picks up for seasonal performers. Professionals who entertain for holiday parties range from singers and magicians to dancers and DJs. Many companies realize how important holiday parties are for employee morale , so the holiday season can be especially lucrative for performers Read More »

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Do You Know About Insurance For Santa Claus?

santa (1)

If you’re a seasonal Santa performer, Marine Agency has some great news for you. We’ve made a list and checked it twice — and we have some of the best specialty performers insurance for Santa Claus on the market! Nationwide Santas can sign up with Marine Insurance Agency and receive one of the most comprehensive Read More »

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Santa Insurance [Updated for 2019]

Specialty performers insurance, Santa Claus entertainer insurance, Insurance for Santa Claus, Nationwide santas

As someone who is going to be entertaining small or even large-sized crowds all holiday season long as Santa Claus, it is absolutely in your best interest to protect yourself from liability by way of a specialty performers insurance policy. As the name suggests, this is a way that insurance companies, like Marine Agency Insurance, Read More »

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How To Mitigate Risk When Starting a Small Business

mitigate risk

Starting a small business comes with inherent risks. However, there are ways to manage risk in business that can reduce the chances of financial loss and/or failure. If you want to know how to control business risk , the information and tips below can help. What Is Business Risk? Business risk Read More »

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Permanent Makeup Insurance And Your MediSpa

Copy of 3 valuable tattoo studio policies

Make Sure Your Medispa is Protected with Permanent Makeup Insurance When providing permanent makeup services, your business needs protection against a host of liability risks. Should an esthetician make a mistake or a client have an adverse reaction to your treatment, your spa might be held financially responsible for any harm or damages suffered by Read More »

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Why Your MediSpa Needs Yearly Checkups


It’s a great idea to include a yearly checkup in your medical spa business plan. Just as you need yearly checkups with your doctor and dentist to ensure that you’re at optimal health, your medi spa needs an annual checkup to assess how it’s doing, how the public perceives your business, and where the business Read More »

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What is Classic Car Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Classic car insurance vs. regular, Classic car insurance company, Classic car insurance quotes, Classic car insurance requirements

The major difference between classic car insurance and a regular policy ultimately comes down to how you’ll be compensated in the event of a total loss. With regular car insurance, you’re usually only covered against the actual cash value of the car – which roughly works out to its replacement cost, minus any depreciation that Read More »

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