The 5 Business Core Values of Marine Agency

Since our founding in 1922, Marine Agency Corp has been committed to providing all clients with a superior quality of products and services. We have a diversified portfolio of policies available to meet the needs of a variety of clients. We also work with top insurance carriers to ensure excellent quality coverage.

Our list business core values are:


Marine Agency’s first core value is innovation, which is defined as “the act of creating something new.” We are always working to improve our offerings and processes to meet the needs of our clients more effectively. Unlike many other insurance agencies, we make it a priority to help our clients grow their own businesses. When a customer works with us, they are purchasing more than just insurance. They also have access to our knowledge, experience, and guidance.


The second of Marine Agency’s core values is integrity. This value has two different meanings. One possible meaning of integrity is “honesty” and “morality.” The other meaning is “wholeness” or “completion.” We are committed to upholding both of these connotations of integrity.

When dealing with customers, we are always fair and honest. Our insurance programs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Over our decades of work in the field, we have proven that we can meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Because of our reputation for integrity, the trade groups we work with most often hold us to a higher standard. Having integrity means that we don’t just give easy answers in order to make a sale. We are willing to do the hard things in order to make everything easier for our clients in the long run.

The 5 Business Core Values of Marine Agency


Another of Marine Agency’s core values is knowledge, which is central to our mission to provide superior insurance services. We have an in-depth understanding of the industries we serve, and we use this information to deliver insurance that provides the protection our clients need. In addition, we possess a keen understanding of the full risk profile, which gives our carrier partners the confidence they need to grant us broad underwriting authority.

The 5 Business Core Values of Marine Agency


At Marine Agency, our fourth core value is partnership. In a partnership, two parties agree to cooperate with one another in order to promote a mutual interest. In the case of our agency, we partner with our insurance carriers and our customers to provide innovative insurance solutions. The solutions we create provide benefits for everyone involved. They protect our customers’ assets, while also creating income for our agency and our carrier partners.


Marine Agency’s final core value is stability. Although stability is an important value all on its own, it can also be viewed as a sum of our other four values. We put forth an intentional effort to deliver innovation, integrity, knowledge, and partnership to every client and insurance carrier on a daily basis so that they always know what to expect. Even in spite of continuous fluctuations in the political, economic and physical climates, Marine Agency works to provide stable, reliable results at all times.

Key Takeaways

  • Marine Agency is committed to five core values that help us deliver superior products and services to our clients.
  • Our core values are innovation, integrity, knowledge, partnership, and stability.
  • Marine Agency’s core values are taken into consideration in every interaction with clients and carriers, as well as in every important business decision we make.

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