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With Easter and spring just around the corner, wouldn’t it be fun to get something different than your usual nail color? It’s a great time of year to shake off the winter snow with some colorful manicure and pedicure designs!

You can either paint the same thing on each nail or paint different things on each nail. If you’re ambitious and have a lot of patience, you can try some of these manicure and pedicure designs yourself, but you could also ask for them at the spa that you frequent. It usually costs extra, but your nail tech is probably better at it and can paint consistently than you can

Here are some themes to get you started – which can easily be mixed and matched to paint something different on each nail.

The Easter Bunny

Why not pay tribute to your childhood friend, the Easter Bunny, who was so good to you over the years? There are a variety of ways that you could do this. You could simply paint a bunny on each nail, either white or brown – whichever way you saw him as a child. You could do one or two bunnies and then, on the other nails, paint Easter Baskets or eggs. You have the choice of either painting just bunny faces, which is probably the easier way to go, or you could, depending on how long your nails are and how skilled your nail technician is, paint an entire bunny. The background can also vary. You could do a solid color, nothing or paint the subject outside.


By painting your nails to look like eggs, you can relive the joy of coloring eggs as a child. There are so many patterns and colors to choose from here! You can basically pick any color or a number of colors as a background. You can do simple dots, and combine them with wavy lines or pretty much whatever you can think of! Instead of using nail polish to make the dots, you can use rhinestones to glam the eggs up a bit.

Easter Candy

Yet another way to relive your childhood Easters through your nails is to pay tribute to your favorite Easter candies. The iconic ones here would be both Peeps and chocolate bunnies. You could draw a different color Peep on each nail, using either the chicks or the bunnies, along with different colored backgrounds. For the chocolate bunnies, it might be fun to have a couple missing an ear or with a bite taken out of them to show what often happens to them!


While Easter has become all about bunnies and eggs, you could recognize the religious aspect of it by paying tribute through your nails. This would include depictions of crosses, or the phrase, “He is Risen.” Again, you can do a lot with different colors here – and rhinestones. You could also have other symbols if you so choose.


Many things related to spring can also be related to Easter, and could allow you to stretch the life of your nail designs for longer if you wanted to. This theme would still include bunnies, but you could add in chicks, with or without eggshells. You could also add in flowers or butterflies to showcase the spring theme. There could also be a nail that has the sun on it and more depictions of beautiful scenery including grass.

There are some great ideas on Pinterest to show in further detail and what colors work well together. You could also come up with your own unique design either apart from or inspired by what you see online.

Have fun and add in a little color to your nails after the long and dreary winter!

Salon and Spa Insurance Coverage Options

In addition, keep in mind that the Marine Agency offers professional spa liability insurance to cover your business as you want to make sure that you’re covered in the events of property coverage, independent contractors, products, falls, malpractice and others.

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