Traveling Tattoo Artist Insurance

Working as a tattoo artist is a rewarding and interesting career path, that can take you all over the world as your talent grows. From tattoo conventions and guest spots in neighboring tattoo shops to becoming a full time traveling tattoo artist, the sky’s the limit when you have a powerful portfolio and build a strong customer base. While many view tattoos as a fun, extravagant and sometimes taboo choice, artists know that this is a great way to express oneself and should always take their work seriously. When you offer your clients the highest level of artistry possible, it pays to also cover your assets and your work with comprehensive insurance coverage from Marine Agency Insurance. Whether you own your own shop or you’re just starting your tattoo artist career path and need coverage that follows your busy schedule, total cosmetic tattoo insurance coverage offers you and your clients peace of mind.

5 Reasons Tattoo Artists Should Invest in Off-Site Insurance

Traveling Tattoo Artist Insurance

Go Where the Work Takes You

One of the best reasons to explore different levels of liability coverage, and one of our most recommended tips for traveling tattoo artists, is the fact that your policy will follow you wherever you go. If you’re interested in working with clients out of their homes, traveling to other tattoo shops for guests residencies or offering your services at national tattoo conventions, you don’t want to worry about your insurance policy! This type of freedom will allow you to increase your skill and build your client base.

Guest Spots

One of the most exciting things about being a professional tattoo artist is sharing your work with other artists in your field. There is a great deal of opportunity to learn more about your craft and grow your talent when you accept guest spots at neighboring tattoo shops. With off-site insurance, you never have to worry about the type of insurance policy at your guest spot gig because you have all the coverage you need, wherever you go.

Develop Your Skill

Traveling Tattoo Artist Insurance
With traditional off-site insurance coverage, you can set out for a change of scenery whenever your schedule allows —and still have plenty of work. When you travel to new tattoo shops to work and learn from other artists, there is a great chance for additional artistic development. When you have total insurance protection, there is much more time to enjoy your craft and more opportunities to creatively collaborate within the community.

Travel is Fun

One of the greatest benefits of not working a regular 9 to 5 job is the freedom that you have to take your work with you wherever you go. You can broaden your horizons without having to worry about the right level of insurance coverage to fit your needs. With the tattoo industry only growing in popularity, according to the latest tattoo industry statistics, there’s bound to be enough business across the US for you to travel wherever you want! Whether you’ve always wanted to see what the LA tattoo scene is like or you’re being offered guest spots in other states, off-site insurance allows you the freedom to roam around the country with peace of mind.

Your Clients Will Thank You

Getting a tattoo can be a super fun experience, but it is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you let your clients know that you are not only a highly skilled artist but also professional enough to invest in off-site insurance, you will instantly set their minds at ease.

Coverage You Can Count On

Traveling Tattoo Artist Insurance
Being a cosmetic tattoo artist can be extremely rewarding but there are a number of increased risk factors that come along with your work. Don’t put your business at risk by foregoing comprehensive coverage from your local independent agency. Visit Marine Agency Insurance online today to explore our unique policy options and invest in coverage you can count on.

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