Are you tired of attending bachelorette parties that require the guest of honor and her guests to strut around in hideous “I’m the bride” and “I’m the bridesmaid” tee shirts?  Are you too mature and cultured to hang out in an obnoxiously loud bar wearing phallic-symbol necklaces? If you are looking for something a little more grown-up for a bachelorette party, try one of these ideas.

Spa Day

Today’s women work hard, so there is no better way to celebrate a girlfriend’s pending nuptials than with a day at the spa. If you want a way to celebrate the bride’s big day in a calm and relaxing way, then a chill day at the spa is the perfect solution. A spa day allows the bride and all of her guests to take time out for themselves while still having a fun time together, bonding. Besides, what modern lady doesn’t enjoy a day of pampering? A great way to change it up is to have the spa come to you. That way, you have the luxury of the spa without the hassle of everyone having to get to the location.

Casino Night

Does the bride love to gamble? If so, hosting a casino night is a great idea for a bachelorette party. Many larger cities have casinos or riverboats that can accommodate a large crowd of ladies who are celebrating a friend’s big day. If you do not have a casino in your area, it is not difficult to create a casino-like atmosphere in someone’s home. Put together some easy table games such as Blackjack, Three Card Poker and Craps. Try to track down a Roulette table from a thrift store if you can. Roulette is a game most people know how to play or can pick up quickly. You can even turn kids’ card games such as War or Old Maid into a casino game. Have the guests get all dressed up and ready for some low-stakes gambling. You do not even have to play for real money. You can use Monopoly money or tokens. The entire idea is for everyone to mingle and have fun. This option is far less expensive than flying everyone out to Vegas for a weekend.

Host a Themed Party

Even though the theme of the evening is to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a good friend or family member, it is fun to create a theme night to make the bachelorette party more interesting. The theme can be related to something the bride likes. For example, if the bride loves to surf, the party can have a beach theme, and all of the guests can arrive in beach attire. If the bride is not super-into anything that would make a great theme, let your imagination go wild. Try a time period theme where everyone would dress for the era or a television theme where everyone dresses like a character from a particular show. When you throw a themed party, make sure the decorations and food all fit with the theme to make the entire evening cohesive.

Bachelorette Olympics

If the bride is a sporty type, this type of bachelorette party is right up her alley. Divide the guests up into teams and have them compete at wedding-related games. An Olympic-style bachelorette party is a fantastic idea if the bachelor party is being held at the same time. You can combine the two parties and have the competition be a girls vs. boys event. Be creative with the games you choose. Some great ideas include a garter toss, walking the bride down the aisle relay and making a bridal gown out of toilet paper competition. The events can go on all day, and everyone will have a great time trying to outdo the other team. If you do not have a yard big enough to accommodate all the guests, consider renting out a campground for the day. It will be well worth the cost.

Have a Cooking Party

Even though it is no longer the 1950s, new brides still need to have some cooking skills and a few new recipes. So, making her bachelorette party centered on cooking is both fun and useful. Even if the new bride is already skilled in the kitchen, this party presents a great opportunity for her to hone her skills and even pick up a few new techniques. You can have a cooking class for the party or design an “Iron Chef” or “Chopped” type competition. Make sure the guests bring some type of cooking utensil and a recipe as part of the guest of honor’s gift.

Bachelorette parties should be fun, but they do not have to be the same old gathering of a gaggle of girls getting drunk at a bar while trying to recapture their college days. Celebrate your friend’s pending marriage with the grace and class she and her guests deserve. If you are a day spa that caters to bachelorette parties, be sure you are properly insured. Contact Marine Agency to find out about our comprehensive, customizable and affordable day spa and salon insurance policies.

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