Depending on what type of person you are, you may have been planning your wedding day for decades. It is one of the biggest days of your entire life. Unfortunately, there are always a number of things that could go wrong on your big day. Even if you’ve hired that best wedding planner on the planet and tried to consider every possible mishap that could take place, your winter wedding is still at risk for both minor and possible major disasters. Luckily, with wedding insurance, from your independent agents at Marine Agency Insurance, you can give yourself peace of mind. Allowing the show to go on if something does happen on your wedding day!

6 Reasons Why Every Couple Should Invest In Wedding Insurance:


Inclement Weather

When you decided to do a winter wedding, you may have visions of a pure white day full of snow, smiles and lots of love. When in reality, a major snowstorm could bring your day to a grinding halt! Even if you manage to make it to the venue on time, there is no telling if your vendors or your guests will be able to make it! Snow and ice are a huge inconvenience on an average day, but they could be the reason that your wedding is postponed or even canceled.

Chance for Mishaps

Whether the bride trips and tears her wedding dress or little Timmy decides to pull the fire alarm at the reception, it is hard to know what exactly could go wrong on your wedding day. So why not prepare for the worst, just in case? Sometimes, mishaps are just part of the big day, but it is much better to be prepared instead of letting them spiral out of control.


Nothing is worse than waiting, ready to walk down the aisle to finally marry the love of your life, only to find that the officiant is not there! All of your planning, the money you spent on the venue and vendors could all go out the window if this wedding doesn’t happen. Be sure to protect your investment and be prepared for any no-shows, with Marine Agency’s wedding insurance. It never hurts to be prepared.

Wrong Flowers

After spending ages coming up with a color theme, sifting through thousands of pictures of floral arrangements and paying for the perfect bouquets, you don’t want to be disappointed if the wrong order shows up! While the wedding can carry on with the wrong flowers, you can protect your initial investment by getting our comprehensive wedding insurance policy.

Missing Rings

Maybe the flowers are perfect, the officiant is a dream and you’ve both said your vows. Now the only thing you need are the rings, only you find that they are nowhere to be found! Your wedding bands not only symbolize your promise to each other but were a major investment. With wedding insurance from Marine Agency, you can rest easy knowing that the rings are covered and not all is lost.

Peace of Mind

Your wedding day should be all about the two of you and your love for each other. While the day can be stressful, the last thing you should be worrying about is if the officiant will be showing up or what type of flower order you’re going to end up with. Taking the “what ifs” out of your big day with a wedding insurance policy from Marine Agency can give you both the peace of mind you need to enjoy this special day and celebrate.

Enjoy Your Big Day with Wedding Insurance

Prepare for the worst on your wedding day, so that you can relax and have a ton of fun with your significant other and your loved ones. Your winter wonderland wedding may be a bit of a risk, but a comprehensive insurance policy can give you the peace of mind you desire. For more information on wedding insurance coverage, be sure to visit Marine Agency Insurance online today.

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