6 Trials and Tribulations of a Tattoo Shop without Insurance

Tattoos are a way for many people to express themselves and are as popular as ever. While most people don’t think twice about any accident or problems that could occur when getting a tattoo, accidents occur every day. The best way to protect your tattoo shop from a lawsuit that may be the result of a tattoo accident is to purchase a tattoo liability insurance policy. Marine Agency can help you find an insurance policy to meet your needs and will be by your side if a tattoo accident leads to a lawsuit or a problem with a disappointed customer.


Nobody ever expects anything to go wrong when getting a tattoo, but the truth is, infections can and do happen. You may have great tattoo artists and an immaculately clean tattoo shop, but there is always a chance that someone could get an infection from your tattoo tools and equipment. Most infections associated with tattoos are minor, but some can lead to blood poisoning and other illnesses. If a customer believes that have picked up an infection from your tattoo shop, they are likely to sue. Without insurance, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit alone and paying for any claims or compensation awarded to your previous customer.


Who would ever think that someone could get injured in a tattoo shop? Accidents can happen anywhere. What if your tattoo artist sneezed while giving a tattoo and the needle scratches the customer’s skin or pokes them in the eye? What if someone slips and falls on a wet floor in your shop and breaks a leg? What if a chair falls over and a customer breaks his or her collarbone? These accidents may seem unlikely, but they are not impossible. You need liability insurance to protect you from such accidents and any claims they may result in.


Are the tattoo artists you employed good spellers? Do they pay close attention to detail? Some of the tattoo images and phrases that customers request can be a little outrageous, and many people spell names differently. What happens if a tattoo artist in your shop accidentally tattoos a misspelled name or word on a customer? What if it can’t be fixed easily? Your customer isn’t going to happily walk around with a misspelling forever inked on his or her skin; they are probably going to file a lawsuit instead. How will you handle a lawsuit without liability insurance?

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are common with tattoos, and if someone has never had a tattoo or been exposed to a certain type or color of ink, they may not even know they are allergic to the substance. Even though you may not be at fault if someone has an allergic reaction to a tattoo, you could still face a lawsuit. Did you inform your customer of the risk of an allergic reaction? Did the tattoo artist test the ink on a small area of the skin before beginning the tattoo? A simple mistake could lead to a severe allergic reaction and a lawsuit for your tattoo parlor. Without the proper tattoo liability insurance, you could be facing this lawsuit on your own.

Sexual Harassment

Tattoo artists have to get close to their customers in order to create their artwork and complete a tattoo. While most people do not have boundary issues, some customers may not feel comfortable with someone getting so close to them? What if one of your tattoo artists is sued for sexual harassment? What if you as the owner of the tattoo shop are sued for sexual assault? Whether one of your tattoo artists is really responsible for such actions or if a misunderstanding occurred, without insurance you may have to pay a settlement to the injured customer. Can you afford to pay any compensation to a customer?

Wrong Tattoo

How many “tattoos gone wrong” photos have you seen on the Internet? It is not uncommon for someone to get a tattoo that is not what they expect or wanted. Tattoo artists are only human and can make mistakes. Unfortunately when these mistakes are permanently drawn on the body, emotions can run high. What will you do if a customer sues your tattoo shop because they received the wrong tattoo or believe that the tattoo they were given is not what they asked for her or good enough? If you have tattoo liability insurance, the insurance company will worry about his problem for you, but without it, you are on your own.

Call Marine Agency today to get a quote on liability insurance for your tattoo shop! Don’t avoid buying tattoo liability insurance because you think an accident or tattoo disaster won’t happen to you or your shop. You never know when something might go wrong, and the only way to be prepared for such a situation is to have a good insurance policy with a top notch company.

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