Bad Chemical Peels- Why No Day Spa or MediSpa Should Ever Fly without an Insurance Safety Net

Owning and operating your day spa or MediSpa can be a great experience and a way to make money doing what you love. Your day spa or MediSpa likely offers a variety of treatments and services, including chemical facial peels. Facial peels are very popular and usually safe. But what happens if something goes wrong during a facial peel? Do you have insurance that can cover an accident or injury to the client? If not, how will you pay for an expensive lawsuit? Who is responsible for paying a client’s doctor bills? If a client sues your business, how will you come up with enough money for compensation? What happens if you lose your license or have to sell your company to pay for an injured client? There are many things that can go wrong during a facial peel and as an owner, you should feel confident that you have an insurance policy that can cover these accidents.


The products used for chemical facial peels are safe for most skin types but only for a limited amount of time. Some skin types are more sensitive than others and can burn easily. Leaving a chemical facial peel on a client for just a couple of minutes too long can cause severe burns. These burns can appear as redness or dark spots and can later change to  flaky skin that fall off the face. Facial burns can be very painful, and recovery can take a long time. Some burns caused by chemical facial peels can be disfiguring and leave behind permanent scarring or require cosmetic surgery. If your business does not have insurance to cover facial burns, you will find yourself in big trouble. You could be sued and ordered to pay for any medical treatments and surgery. You could also lose your business license and have to close down your day or med-spa.

Eye Injuries

When you are applying a chemical facial peel to a client’s face, you must always be careful around the eye area. Chemicals should never get in or near the eyes, and if they do, they could cause pain, injury and blindness. Although you or your employees may be careful when applying facial peels, one slip of the wrist or a jerk of the hand could cause the chemicals to get into the eyes. Your client could require medical treatment or surgery to remove the chemicals and have their visions corrected or injuries treated. Who pays for these treatments or surgeries if your salon does not have insurance? You do.

Allergic Reactions

Some people are more sensitive to the chemicals used in facial peels than others. Of course, it is always smart to test a facial peel on a small area of skin before you apply it to the entire face, but one area of skin can be different than another. You or your client may not even realize that an allergic reaction is occurring until the facial peel is removed or even hours later. Allergic reactions symptoms can include redness, pain, and itchiness. Severe allergic reactions can result in swellings, scarring, and facial deformities. Some clients may even experience breathing problems or a rash. Clients suffering from an allergic reaction may require emergency medical treatment. Severe reactions could require surgery. These treatments could be expensive, and if you do not have salon insurance that protects you from being sued by clients suffering from allergic reactions, you would be responsible for paying the client’s medical bills and more.


Chemical facial peels are meant to help improve the look and feel of the skin and make a client feel better about the way she looks. If the client has a blemish, injury or if the chemicals cause such an injury, the facial peel could lead to an infection. Most infections are minor and include itching, redness, and slight pain. If left untreated or if the infection is severe,  the symptoms could be worse. The client could suffer from sepsis and facial deformities and scarring. The infection could last for months and make the client susceptible to more infections and other illnesses. The client could sue you as a result of their infection, and if you do not have salon insurance, you would be required to pay for medical treatments and pain and suffering.

You may not think insurance is necessary or worth the cost, but if you ever find yourself in a situation where your place of business is being sued by a customer or client, you will understand why insurance is so important.

Purchase insurance coverage for your Day Spa or MediSpa from Marine Agency for your business today, so you can stop worrying and enjoy the career that you love. Insurance is necessary for all spas, regardless of the services they offer. You don’t want to risk losing your license, business or any of the things you have worked hard for.

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