One of the Best Hidden Tattoo Spots

For thousands of years, tattoos have been a beautiful form of self-expression. Many people that walk into a tattoo parlor choose to get tattoos that can be seen by everyone. However, some people prefer hidden tattoos. It can be fun to have a secret tattoo that means something special to you. However, some individuals might only want a hidden tattoo so that they can easily keep it covered at work. Regardless of their motivations, as a tattoo artist, it can be helpful to have a shortlist of creative ideas ready for anyone who wants a discreet or hidden tattoo.

Best Hidden Tattoo Spots on Neck

8 Best Hidden Tattoo Spots

  1. Chest: The only time anyone will ever see a tattoo on your chest is when you take your shirt off. This is seen a lot of times in the center of the chest, under the breast, or over the heart.
  2. Behind the Ear: Depending on the length of your hair, this tattoo might only be revealed when you move your hair or when it gets put up. For people with shorter hair, this tattoo can be only noticed when the head is turned a certain way.
  3. Lip Tattoo: This tattoo typically sits on the inside of the bottom lip. It can be a bold statement that is only ever seen if you pull your lip down toward your chin.
  4. Upper Thigh: Hidden by pants and most shorts, this is one of the best hidden tattoo spots that might only ever be seen when you go for a swim. Some people go even further and get a tattoo on their inner-upper thigh.
  5. Bottom of the Foot: This is a very sensitive area, but it is also a popular spot to get a hidden tattoo. It usually sits right on the side edge of the foot, going toward the bottom. This can also be inner or outer.
  6. Back of the Neck: Underneath the hairline or where the shirt collar hits the neck are two common locations to get this tattoo.
  7. Between Fingers: These tattoos can be a lot of fun. However, it can be a more  painful place since fingers have more nerve endings than other spots on the body. 
  8. Armpit: Like the foot, this is another sensitive location for a hidden tattoo. It is also one of the more creative spots to choose from.

Best Hidden Tattoos on Hands

Key Takeaways:

  • A hidden tattoo can be a fun secret or purposely placed to be hidden for work.
  • Some great spots for hidden tattoos are the chest, back of the neck, lip, and more.
  • Tickly or sensitive areas like the bottom of your feet, or armpits, are great for hiding ink but may not be the most comfortable option.

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