Tattoo Removal Insurance

The prevalence of tattoos has exploded over the last several years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. One of the side-effects of this type of boom is that sometimes, people jump on the bandwagon without really researching or thinking it through — which could leave them with poorly-done or regretted ink. People who have these types of tats basically have three choices: live with them, cover them up, or have them removed.

Just living with a bad tattoo, as can be imagined, gets old fast. The next option, using makeup or getting a cover-up tattoo that hides the bad work under something better, can be very tiring and expensive. That leaves going to a laser tattoo removal business.

Tattoo Removal Insurance

Increase Your Medispa’s Profits by Offering Tattoo Removal

Your Medispa can dive into this niche by offering tattoo removal services.  Thanks to advances in tattoo removal methods, there is no longer a need to perform surgery to get the job done. Instead, many tats can be eliminated by using laser tattoo removal equipment. This process involves using a laser tattoo removal machine to generate laser energy at the frequency needed to bleach out the ink. The unwanted design is then rendered either invisible or nearly so by the laser.

Is This a Good Business?

Tattoo removal business profit depends on several factors. One is your area – tats are more popular in some places than others. The more popular they are in your geographic location, the more potential customers will be around. Another important factor is competition. You’ll do better if there aren’t already tattoo removal parlors on every corner.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started?

The cost of tattoo removal laser machine varies more widely than many other things. A quick look at Google shopping ads shows a range from about $1,300 all the way to $22,550. Astanza Laser, a maker of this type of equipment, says that several factors go into the design of a tattoo removal machine, including peak power, the use of Q-switching, and more. These factors will be big parts of what determines the price of the machine. This company says that if you were starting from scratch, it can cost between $50,000 and $175,000. However, if you already have a medispa, most of your start-up costs will have already been invested. The new machine and any additional training should be your only additional start-up costs.

Tattoo Removal Insurance

How to Make Money Removing Tattoos

Like any other product or service, the first key to making money is to make sure that plenty of people know that you’re offering them. Simply adding the new service to your in-store menu is not enough. Launch an advertising campaign using all media types that your audience is also likely to use, ranging from digital media to the local paper. If your business is big enough, you can also add local TV ads to your campaign.

Another important thing to do is accurately estimate your cost per customer. Resist the temptation to go too cheap in order to attract business, and instead focus on providing the best quality for the customer.

Be Sure You’re Well-Insured

Like any other procedure involving the human body, tattoo removal carries some inherent risk. Make sure you’re carrying adequate laser tattoo removal insurance. This way, you’ll be protected if something goes wrong or a customer deems the end result harmful or unsatisfactory. Also, be sure to insure your new machine against theft and damage, just like the rest of your equipment.


  • The demand for tattoo removal is growing along with the demand for new tats
  • Tattoo removal machines vary widely in cost, but the best ones for the job typically cost from a few to several thousand dollars
  • Be sure to advertise your new service
  • Make sure to get all of the needed insurance

To learn more about insurance for your medispa, call us here at Marine Agency Insurance. We have all of the coverage you need to keep your business safe from unexpected financial liability. Get a quote today!

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