Electrology Insurance: Everything You Need to Know About It  

Owning a small business comes with many different risks, especially when you work directly with new customers every day. Once you’ve finished electrology school and have decided to set up your own business, you’ll need to focus on protecting your bottom line. And for more established day spas, as your business expands to take on new specialties like electrolysis, finding a salon and day spa insurance policy that meets your needs is also important.

Electrology Insurance: Everything You Need to Know About It  

Do You Need Electrology Insurance?

If you have your own electrolysis clinic or run your own home-based salon services business, ensuring the safety of your customers should be your main priority. Every electrologist needs specialized knowledge and education to provide their patients with electrolysis treatment in a safe and hygienic environment. But beyond utilizing the skills that you’ve practiced and trained for in electrology school, you’ll need to prepare for the unexpected.

Protecting Against Common Risks

Whether you are using chemical or heat treatment that has been approved by the American Electrology Association to destroy hair growth during your electrolysis treatments, the potential for irritation or injury after a session is something that your clients should be aware of. In addition to educating customers about electrology costs, technicians should make sure they are aware of the risks involved as well. However, even with proper education and aftercare directions, customers may still experience an adverse reaction or find that they are unhappy with their results.

While electrolysis poses few risks to a healthy customer, some of the most common side effects include:

  • Red and/or tender skin
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Changes in skin color
  • Scarring
  • Keloid Scars

Benefits of Electrology Insurance Coverage

When you invest in a comprehensive insurance policy you can protect your business in the event of a medical malpractice claim. While most people associate malpractice lawsuits with doctors and surgeons, electrologists can also be held liable in the event of an accident or injury. With electrology insurance, you can protect against any potential costs or damages that you may be held responsible for in the event that a customer sues you.

Additional Coverage Options

While the main focus of electrology insurance is to help safeguard your business operations, there are many other potential risks that come with operating a small business. Some of the additional coverage options you should consider include:

General Liability

General liability insurance works to protect your business in the event that you or an employee is responsible for harm or damages to a customer or their property.

Commercial Property

This insurance coverage is designed to protect the physical building in which you operate and the business-related contents inside. Protect your building, inventory, equipment, customer property and more in the event of a natural disaster, theft, and vandalism or other accident.

Electrology Insurance: Everything You Need to Know About It  

Business Interruption

If your electrolysis business is forced to shut down after an accident or disaster, business interruption insurance will work to cover the loss of profit or income during this time.

Find the Right Insurance Policy to Fit Your Needs

As a small business owner, one of the best steps you can take to protect the future of your business is to invest in total insurance protection. As you look to tailor your insurance policy to fit the unique needs of your business, keep these key points in mind:

  • While safe and effective, electrology treatment does come with a few potential risks
  • Even with education and aftercare steps, customers may experience an adverse reaction or be unhappy with the treatment
  • Medical malpractice is a serious risk for electrologists
  • Your business has unique risks that may benefit from additional coverage options as you grow and take on new customers

Want to learn more about the benefits of electrology insurance? Contact the team at Marine Agency Insurance online today for more information and be sure to get a quote!

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