Eyelash Extension Insurance

For salons looking to grow their business, eyelash extensions present an exciting opportunity. In one survey, 52 percent of women said they went to a salon for eyelash extensions or eyelash tinting at least once every four to six weeks. With full sets running between $150 and $200, and refills being around $55 to $65, this represents a significant amount of potential eyelash extension income.

Even though it is an exciting business opportunity, there are several eyelash extension risks to keep in mind. Here are some of the things that can go wrong when providing eyelash extensions.

Risks of Eyelash Extensions

Employee’s Hands Can Slip When Applying Eyelash Extensions

Anytime someone is working near the eyes, there’s the potential for accidents. Any employee’s hands could slip or jerk while applying eyelash extensions to a client. The resulting damage can be devastating, especially since extensions are applied with sharp tweezers.

While uncommon, eye injuries that impair vision can occur when eyelash extensions are applied. Injuries may cause temporary or even permanent impairment.

Eyelash Extensions’ Glue Can Cause Allergic Reactions

The glue used in eyelash extensions includes many chemicals (including formaldehyde-based adhesives). These chemicals may cause irritation in some patients, and they may even trigger severe allergic reactions in a few people.

These risks were enough for Consumer Reports to warn customers of the potential dangers of eyelash extensions.

The Eye and Surrounding Area May Become Infected

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) warns that eyelash extensions in some cases can cause infections. Specifically, extensions may infect the cornea (the transparent layer that forms the front of the eye) or the eyelid. They also might cause swelling in the eyelid, usually as a result of infection or irritation.

Infections are usually a result of improper hygiene, and they can normally be avoided by properly cleaning and sanitizing equipment. Even the most diligent nail salons might make a mistake, so this risk of infected eyelash extensions can’t be ignored.

Eyelashes May Be Lost

The AAO also warns that eyelash extensions can result in the loss of natural eyelashes. Customers may temporarily lose their real eyelashes, or they might lose them for good.

The loss of eyelashes is uncommon, and it’s usually a result of an infection or allergic reaction. It’s still something that a nail salon that offers eyelashes may be held liable for.

Eyelash Extensions Might Fall Out

When eyelash extensions are properly applied and customers follow their nail salon’s instructions, eyelash extensions can last for months. They’ll stay in place until the real eyelashes they’re attached to fall out.

If customers fail to follow directions, however, eyelash extensions can fall out. Should customers get their eyelash extensions wet (e.g. by showering, washing their face or swimming) within 12 to 24 hours of getting extensions, the extensions can fall out. This happens because the glue takes up to a day to fully set.

Having eyelash extensions fall out isn’t as serious as the other things that can go wrong with eyelash extensions. Customers may still be upset about lost extensions.

Insure Against the Potential Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

In summary, eyelash extensions present a great opportunity for nail salons — but they also come with dangers. When applying eyelash extensions, there’s a chance of:

  • Eye injuries
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infections
  • Losing real eyelashes
  • Losing extensions

Do You Need Insurance To Do Eyelash Extensions?

After reviewing the information above, it’s clear there are numerous risks that come with eyelash extension services. Therefore, it’s wise to protect a salon before offering eyelash extensions. Salons must decide how to address customers who lose their extensions because they fail to follow directions. Insurance won’t help with this particular issue.

Just like a range of other beauty salon insurance coverages, such as microblading insurance, Marine Agency can offer coverage protection for eyelash extensions. Contact us at Marine Agency Insurance to find out how to protect your nail salon so it can safely offer eyelash extensions.

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