Should You Get Your Ears Pierced at the Mall?


Getting an ear or body piercing may seem like a small event, but it can cause problems if you aren’t careful. Nonetheless, many people decide to head to their local mall to get a convenient ear piercing at a low price. When you choose to get your ears pierced at the mall, you probably won’t have to make an appointment or wait in line. In addition, the cost of ear piercings at mall locations is often noticeably lower than the cost of a piercing from a professional. However, the advantages of getting a piercing at the mall rarely outweigh the risks. How much does it cost to get your ears pierced at the mall? The potential hidden costs may be higher than you think. 

Risks of Mall Piercings

Risks of Mall Piercings

Mall piercings carry several risks over piercings done by a professional. For example, most mall piercing facilities use piercing guns to get the job done quickly and affordably. Although many of these facilities state that they disinfect tools before using them, it is impossible to completely disinfect these tools. As a result, the risk of infection is much higher when you get an ear piercing at the mall than it would be if you went to a professional.

In addition to carrying a higher risk of infection, mall piercings also tend to cause more damage to surrounding tissues than a professional piercing would. When someone uses a piercing gun to pierce ears, a blunt earring is forced through the lobe, causing considerable damage to the cartilage or other tissue around the piercing. A professional, on the other hand, will use a sharper instrument to pierce the ear carefully, causing less damage.

Professionals are trained to pierce your ears carefully and accurately. People working in piercing establishments at the mall, however, are less likely to have significant training. This increases the risk that the individual will make a mistake when piercing your ears, which may lead to uneven piercings or other issues.

Finally, some people are unable to have their ears pierced properly with a piercing gun because of the thickness of their earlobes. In these cases, piercing with a gun may be impossible, or you may experience other complications.

What Should I Do?

body piercing

Even though it may be more convenient to get your ears pierced at the mall, it is usually not the best idea. Unless you can verify that the person performing the piercing is well-trained and that the tools have been properly cleaned and sterilized, you are at risk of a variety of different complications. In some cases, people have opted for a mall piercing only to find themselves dealing with pain and infection days later. To be sure that your piercing is safe and looks good, look for a trained professional with a reputation for providing excellent results to clients.

To find the right professional:

  • Evaluate training. – Look for someone who has been well-trained and is willing to tell you where and how he or she learned to pierce ears. In general, training should last for at least 12 months before the individual begins working alone.
  • Look around the studio. – Don’t get your ears pierced in an establishment that is obviously disorganized or dirty. Instead, look for a clean facility that puts you at ease.
  • Ask about the procedure. – Ask the professional what types of tools he or she will use. You should also ask the professional to describe the steps he or she will take to ensure that the risk of tissue damage and infection is as low as possible.
  • Research the facility. – In many cases, you can learn about a professional’s reputation simply by reading reviews online from past customers. See what customers say, and make sure they are properly insured.

If you operate a body piercing studio, you can increase your appeal to clients by investing in the proper business insurance. Contact Marine Agency to learn more.

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