Grilling season is here, which means it’s time to cook up some tasty meats in the backyard! However, grilling is inherently dangerous. Thousands of people cause outdoor fires each year as a result of unsafe grilling. If this combustible cooking unit is near your house, it’s important to take the steps necessary to grill as safely as possible. Keep reading for some helpful summer barbecuing tips that will keep everything you cherish safe throughout the grilling season.

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1. Inspect the Grill at the Start of Grilling Season

If you are like most, you are eager to fire up the grill as soon as temperatures start to rise. Instead of jumping right into a massive grilling session to feed your family at the start of spring, take your time to analyze the grilling unit. Check out the nooks and crannies of the grill for indications of animals, insects, hives, nests, excess grease, etc.

2. Grill Away From Your House and Other Buildings

Most barbecue units are positioned near houses, sheds, pools, and other outdoor structures or equipment. If you aren’t careful, the flames from the grill might extend to your home or pool shed and burn them to the ground. When grilling, there should be at least five feet between the grill and house or other structure. Never grill below a deck, an umbrella, branches, awnings, or other structures.

3. Consider the Grill’s Surroundings

Take a close look at the ground surrounding the grill. If the grill is near grass, leaves, or other dry vegetation, it might spark a flame in those that spread across your property. Even something as seemingly small and minor as a party balloon, tablecloth, or other random sundries in the vicinity of the barbecuing unit is a legitimate fire hazard. Above all, don’t let children hover near the grill. The smell of food on the grill will tempt kids to touch the charcoal, ultimately causing painful burns. The same is true for pets. Do not allow your pet to venture toward your gas or propane grill.

4. Mind Those Leaks

If there is even the slightest leak in a propane grill, it has the potential to cause a  fire. In particular, take a close look at your propane grill for leaks at the start of the grilling season.

5. Wear the Right Clothing

The clothes you don while grilling could easily dangle over the flames and catch fire. Wear short sleeves or tight-fitting clothing, remove watches and jewelry, and you’ll be able to grill up some tasty summer meals in confidence. 



  • Keep your grill far away from the home and other structures.
  • Don’t leave the grill unattended or entrust a child or tween to use the grill.
  • Prioritize safety when grilling and you’ll enjoy invaluable peace of mind while making family memories.

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