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Most people in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania love boating in the fall, and for good reason. This season offers the perfect temperatures, dependable breeze, colorful views, and spacious waterways. While fall boating can make for great fun and an amazing fishing experience, severe weather can damage your boat and put sailors in harm’s way. As such, your boat will need more attention during the fall months. You should not only prepare adequately before heading out but also purchase the right boat insurance to offer you the protection you need.

Fall in Love with Boating

With the crisp and clear air of fall, there are numerous fun activities that you can engage in while boating during this season.

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Fishing will give you a chance to go out to deep waters in search of big game. However, even if you do not land a trophy, you will enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with this adventure. In case you would like to spend your day exploring nature, you can consider going island hopping and sightseeing with a group of fellow adventurers.

Another option would be to go for a social outing where you challenge some of your friends to a boat race. You may also sail smoothly as you enjoy a peaceful time with the waterway and become one with nature.

Minimizing Boating Risks

Although the air will have become colder and tourism traffic subsided, sailors will have to add safety measures if they are to be safe. It would be important to be mindful of certain factors before heading out.

The first thing you will want to know is whether your boat is in good working condition. This involves making sure that water is not getting in, that the batteries are charged and navigation lights are working properly. You should also be aware of the weather situation by relying on weather forecasts. Such information will help you to determine whether it is safe to head out, as well as to dress appropriately.

It is also recommended that you have the right boat insurance in case of an accident. You may want to familiarize yourself with boat insurance cost so as to protect yourself and reduce financial liability.

Prep Yourself and Your Boat

With the numerous risks you will be exposed to while out in the water, knowledge of your boat insurance plan will help you prepare adequately for fall sailing. Part of preparing yourself and your boat can also include upping the mast (if you have one), surveying the deck, checking below the deck (if applicable) and reviewing the basics. It would also be necessary to have a fully-stocked first aid kit in case of seasickness or the need for medication arises.

While it may appear to be a no brainer, you should leave alcohol ashore in order to avoid the risk associated with its impairing effects. You may also want to leave a friend or family member with a float plan detailing where you intend to go and when you expect to come back.

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How To Manage an Emergency

There is a chance that something will go wrong when you are sailing. When the worst happens, it is important to have a safety plan that will help you manage the crisis and get things under control.

In case you lose the rudder, you should reach for an emergency rudder if your boat has one. If not, you will have to be a little creative in devising a makeshift rudder. In the event that you are faced with a fire emergency, the first step should be to ensure that everyone is safe and then get an extinguisher. For collisions that cause the boat to begin taking on water, the best safety plan would be to stop the influx of water, remove the water and try to control the boat.

Don’t Float By Without Proper Coverage

While you can devise strategies to deal with some of the scenarios you face while boating, the importance of having proper boat insurance cannot be denied. You should make sure that you have an insurance policy that will protect you in case of damage or loss of your boat, injuries or liability.


  • Learn how to be safe when boating in the Fall
  • Be aware of certain things before heading out
  • Prepare both yourself and your boat for fall sailing
  • Have a safety plan for worst-case scenarios; to help you manage crises
  • Always have protection by buying proper insurance coverage

No matter what the season is, you need to cover and protect yourself and your boat with proper insurance. At Marine Agency Corp we will help you arrange for the right type of insurance coverage. Kindly contact us today to buy boat insurance that will meet your unique needs.

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