Electrolysis insurance, electrolysis insurance coverage, during covid-19, covid-19 exposure, safe, business plan

COVID-19 has created challenges affecting nearly every aspect of life. The pandemic is far from over, but we know much more about the virus now than we did in January, and we know what precautions to take to minimize spread and promote health while operating a public business.

For electrology businesses, transparently communicating with the public is the first step toward operating during the age of COVID-19. People understand there is a pandemic. Providing them with information on how you are dealing with it and what actions you are taking to minimize possible COVID-19 exposure can go a long way toward alleviating concerns.

Electrolysis insurance, electrolysis insurance coverage, during covid-19, covid-19 exposure, safe, business plan

Here are some measures that every electrolysis businesses can take:

  • Require everyone to wear masks
  • Technicians should wear covering that protects their eyes and also wash their hands between appointments
  • Space out appointments between customers by at least 15 minutes
  • Sanitize and disinfect areas between appointments
  • Most supplies are single-use; immediately dispose of them when done
  • Sterilize and clean any tools that are reused
  • Ensure social distancing and minimize contacts between customers
  • All service should be by appointment; no walk-ins

COVID-19 can create various risks for a business, including potential liability if precautions aren’t taken. One important measure to pursue in electrology is a COVID-19 attestation form. Essentially it’s screening for COVID-19 where customers are asked if they have had any symptoms, been around anyone who has been diagnosed, traveled out of state, and more in the last 14 days.

These kinds of measures can be reassuring to someone seeking electrolysis services. Highlighting and communicating the measures and the fact that you are taking precautions to protect the public and your employees is always the first step. Social media is one way to get your message out about your business plan to deal with COVID-19.

About Electrology Insurance

The purpose of electrology insurance is to protect your company from loss in the event of a claim against the business or another type of incident covered by the policy. Insurance that is specifically geared for electrology is important as it can protect you from industry-specific issues that could arise, including allegations of malpractice. Some of the different types of coverage you may need when operating a business include:

  • Liability Insurance – Insurance that will protect you and your business against general liability issues such as trips and falls by customers, allegations of malpractice, and any allegations of misconduct by employees.
  • Property Coverage – If you own the building, this insurance can protect you from burglary, fire, or theft. The insurance can protect the building and also the business contents.
  • Optional Business Interruption Coverage – Provides coverage in case your business is interrupted through no fault of your own.
  • Off-site services (including trade show demonstrations) covered automatically.
  • Independent Contractors included as insureds.
  • Most esthetic (skincare) and cosmetic treatments can be included at no charge.

Key Takeaways:

  • COVID-19 is a serious health concern, but there are ways to mitigate the risk, limit potential liabilities, and help your staff and customers stay safe.
  • Electrology insurance coverage addresses specific needs and includes different types of insurance to protect against risks.
  • To get the right coverage, you need to work with an experienced broker.

The best insurance for businesses that provide electrology services will include an array of policies designed to protect against different types of risks. Although COVID-19 claims cannot be accepted, having the proper insurance coverage is still very important. Marine Agency provides a range of customizable tattoo insurance options to protect your business from all of the common risks you face. Please contact us today to learn more about your coverage options.

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