How to Know if Your Business Needs Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Starting a small business always comes with a certain set of risks that you can protect against with the right insurance coverage. From protecting your building to covering the cost of medical treatment for injured employees, there is a specialty insurance option that can help keep your business running smoothly in the event of an accident or disaster.

Did you know that 40 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 have one or more tattoos? With more people investing in body art and cosmetic tattoos, it’s important for small business owners to explore all of the cosmetic tattoo insurance options available to them. While this beautification option is very safe and when completed by a trained professional can offer your clients amazing results, there are still risks involved. As your trusted cosmetic tattoo insurance company, the team at Marine Agency Insurance can help you find the right level of protection to meet your needs.

Do You Need Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance?

Cosmetic tattooing is one of the most popular beauty treatment options available on the market today. Used as an alternative to waxing and shaping, many clients are interested in cosmetic eyebrow tattoos for their convenience and staying power. Similarly, eye tattooing and lip tattoos are an easy way for clients to enjoy a natural makeup look 24/7 without all the effort that comes along with using removable makeup products.


But while they may seem like a simple and safe alternative to traditional makeup, cosmetic tattoos do still carry some risk. Even when they are applied properly and under sanitary conditions, healing issues can arise that can leave customers unhappy and increase the chances that you and your business may be sued. In addition to educating clients before they get tattooed and providing clear aftercare instructions, one of the best ways you can protect your business is to invest in cosmetic tattoo insurance.

Similar to other liability coverage options, cosmetic tattoo insurance coverage is designed to protect your business in the event that a customer is unhappy with their results or there are other complications following the procedure. Some of the most common risks associated with micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing include:

  • Injuries and Infection
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Unsatisfactory Results
  • Scarring
  • Premature Fading
  • And More

How to Know if Your Business Needs Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance

Although many states do not require tattoo artists or tattoo shops to carry insurance coverage, that does not mean you should continue working without it. With proper insurance protection, you can give yourself, your employees and your client’s peace of mind knowing that you are all protected in the event of an accident or other issues.

Operating without proper insurance coverage could mean that you will have to pay for damages or litigation fees out of pocket in the event that a client or employees sue your business. Often in situations like these, business owners without insurance coverage are forced to close down their operations during litigation and some do not recover afterward. While there are many risks involved in operating a small business, there are many that can be avoided by investing in the right insurance policy.


Learn More About Cosmetic Tattoo Insurance Today

Some of the most important reasons you should invest in cosmetic tattooing insurance coverage to protect your business include:

  • Just like traditional tattoos, micropigmentation is safe but can carry risks
  • Even with a trained technician, clients may experience irritation, infection allergic reaction or be unsatisfied with their results.
  • Without insurance coverage, you may have to pay out of pocket to cover damages and legal fees in the event that you are sued by an unhappy client.

Keep your business and your clients protected in the event of an accident with comprehensive cosmetic tattoo insurance coverage. For more information on how your business can benefit from this essential coverage, visit the team at Marine Agency Insurance online today.

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