Laser Hair Removal Specials Your Salon Can Run This Season

Laser hair removal has come a long way over the last several years and the popularity of this medispa service continues to grow across the US. While most customers understand that it takes a few sessions to see the best results, some may not know that the springtime is a great time of year to start the process. However, salon owners can take advantage of this fact to run great laser hair removal specials in the spring and early summer months. When your clients go online to search for “laser hair removal specials near me” make sure they find your salon first by coming up with a few great specials that are sure to peak their interests. Need a bit of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing? Check out a few of our favorite laser hair removal special offers below!

Top 3 Laser Hair Removal Special Ideas for Your Salon to Run This Season

Laser Hair Removal Specials Your Salon Can Run This Season

Mother – Daughter Special

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest holidays of the spring season and the perfect excuse to pamper the moms in our lives. So why not bring in a few new customers to your salon with a great Mother-Daughter (or son) special? Help to educate customers who may not otherwise know a lot about laser hair removal by outlining the benefits of this simple and cost-effective medispa treatment.

Busy mothers rarely have the time to pamper themselves and even something as easy as shaving their legs may fall out of the window as they juggle a number of responsibilities. Make it easy for moms and their children to bond and enjoy a few wonderful pamper sessions with this fun and inclusive laser hair removal special.

Spring Break Special

Help your clients get ready to be hair-free for the summer and fall seasons with a great Spring Break laser hair removal special. This is the time of year where everyone starts thinking about breaking out their summer clothes and bikinis, so why not take advantage of the fact?

While many of your customers may head out for vacation during spring break, others may be looking for a great way to give themselves a little TLC as they take some time away from school and work. This is also a great way for regular clients to gift a few sessions to their kids or family members. In fact, you could even pitch this special idea as a reward for hard-working students!

Pre-Wedding or Honeymoon Specials

Every bride dreams of a shave-free honeymoon, because who really wants to think about packing a razor as they prepare for the first few days of wedded bliss. With wedding season fast approaching, a pre-wedding or honeymoon laser hair removal special is a great way to bring in new clients.

If possible, think about creating a laser hair removal special package designed for wedding parties. Not only will you feel great about helping everyone look their best but you’ll probably get a few new long-term clients along the way.

Laser Hair Removal Specials Your Salon Can Run This Season

Bring in New Customers with a Bit of Creativity

Want to entice new customers to try out a few great laser hair removal specials this spring? Remember these key points:

  • Think about specials that bring in more than one customer, like mom/daughter and bridal party deals
  • Don’t forget about spring breakers who are looking for a pamper session
  • Remember that wedding season is upon us and plan accordingly

As you enjoy the influx of new customers, you’ll need to make sure you have a great laser and medispa insurance policy in place to protect your assets and customers. Want to learn more about the benefits of total insurance protection? Visit Marine Agency Insurance online for more information and request a free quote today.


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