In the blink of an eye, a single action can take place that forever alters the course of your life. In the wake of a disaster, you are financially responsible for any damage that occurs to your mobile home and the surrounding property area. Having a homeowners insurance policy in place works to give you financial protection when the unthinkable happens.

Homeowners Insurance Benefits

A homeowners insurance policy comes to your rescue when something goes wrong. You receive coverage for any damage that occurs to your home as well as any damage that you or someone else causes to property that belongs to someone else. It includes the cost of replacing items inside of your home, including furniture, electronic equipment or other personal belongings. The policy provides you with legal representation as well in the event that the accident results in someone suing you for personal injuries they sustain or property damage.

Under this type of policy, you have financial coverage in place to handle the cost of rebuilding your home or making structural repairs when damage occurs. The root source of damage can be the actions of another person or an act of nature, such as a lightning strike, fire or hurricane. A homeowners policy does not cover damage that a flood or earthquake causes. These types of damage require a separate insurance policy. As a mobile home or granny pod owner, you will also need to purchase additional coverage to protect yourself against the financial consequences of damage taking place.

What is a Granny Pod

With the rise in popularity of tiny house living, you may be considering placing a granny pod on your property. These unique dwellings are ideal for reducing the amount of square footage you need to maintain as part of residential living. You may also be considering this property type as an alternative to placing a loved one in a nursing home or rehabilitation center. These property units easily fit into a standard home backyard area, allowing you to keep a close eye on an elderly family member that needs regular care.

The standard features for these properties include safety handrails in the bathtub, spacious living areas and soft flooring surfaces to minimize the impact of a physical fall. There are spacious living areas with ample electrical outlets to accommodate any necessary medical equipment that your loved one may require as part of a treatment program. On average, granny pods tend to measure 12 feet in length by 24 feet in width, which is the equivalent of a normal size master bedroom in your home. Although living in a granny pod results in the loss of expansive living space, you gain the peace of mind in having a loved one in close proximity to your personal residence.

What is a Mobile Home

A mobile home is a dwelling that comes with anchors, jacks and other pieces of equipment transportation kits that allows you to move from one location to another with ease. The external features of a mobile home include the skirting that covers the external perimeter of the home and the wheelbase that plays an integral part in the transportation process.

Upon purchasing a mobile home, you receive a title of ownership with the understanding that the fair market value of that mobile home begins to depreciate after the sales transaction takes place. For that reason, your resale appraisal value will be less than the amount you paid at the time of the sale.

Why You Need Insurance Protection

As with any home, there is the potential for something to go wrong with either a granny pod or a mobile home. When that happens, you face mounting financial bills to repair damage that hot water heaters cause inside or i-beam leveling damage from rotten wood in the exterior of the home. Having mobile home insurance in place gives you protection in the form of physical property damage and personal liability situations.

Physical damage takes into consideration external features of the property including any additions that you make, such as an outdoor patio or deck space. You receive protection from acts of theft or vandalism, as well as natural weather disasters. Personal liability will pay for any medical bills or injuries, civil lawsuits or lost wages that result from your negligence or that of someone living in your home. An absence of insurance protection in place may result in you facing bankruptcy or bearing the burden of a financial strain as the amount of damage you are responsible for quickly begins to add up.

Coverage You Can Trust

Marine Agency stands ready to offer ideas on how you can best protect your mobile home, granny pod or other dwelling type. They are a reputable team of insurance specialists that provide you with a wide range of policy brands to give you the protection you need when the unthinkable happens.

For further information on how we can help with your insurance needs contact us today!

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