Nail Salon Insurance

Running a nail salon presents a host of potential risks, and making a mistake on customers’ nails isn’t the only type of nail fail salons can have. Much more serious accidents can happen, ones which may result in a nail salon lawsuit or other claim.

If you own a nail salon, make sure your nail salon is properly insured so you don’t end up a nail fail. Here’s a look at some of the coverages that are available through nail salon insurance policies and the types of incidents they help protect against.

General Liability Coverage for Accidents

General liability coverage helps protect against potential risks that many businesses face, hence the term “general.” It’s widely used within the nail salon industry as well as many other industries. Depending on the nail salon policy’s particular coverage, it might offer protection in the following sorts of incidents:

  • A customer slips on your salon’s floor, falling and injuring themselves
  • A foot bath overheats and causes a fire, burning down the building your salon is in
  • A competitor sues your salon for slander or libel over a claim you made about them
  • A customer sues your salon for false advertising

Professional Liability Coverage for Potential Infections

Professional liability coverage offers protection for professionally related risks. Like general liability coverage, professional liability coverage is used by companies in many industries. Each business’ policy is usually tailored to the industry the business is in, though. Thus, there are many various forms of professional liability coverage.

A nail salon’s professional liability coverage theoretically could offer coverage for a nail technician’s nail fail and reimburse customers the cost of the treatment. The cost of treatments is relatively low, however, and nail salons are usually able to offer another treatment or reimburse customers themselves when it’s necessary to do so.

Instead, nail salons primarily use professional liability coverage to help protect against liability claims arising from infections that are spread to customers.

Nail salons have many warm, wet and dark places, which are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and fungi. If a salon fails to follow proper cleaning and hygiene protocols, customers can become infected by these pathogens. If customers’ infections can be linked to a nail salon’s failure to properly disinfect, the salon may be held financially responsible for the customer’s medical bills, pain and suffering, and any lost wages.

While this particular risk can be largely mitigated by properly cleaning and disinfecting equipment, even the most diligent nail salon might make a mistake. Therefore, nail salons typically get this coverage as part of their nail salon liability insurance no matter how much they disinfect.

Commercial Property Coverage

Commercial property coverage helps protect the property that a business owns from covered perils. The property a business owns can include both a building, and equipment and supplies. Therefore, most nail salon insurance policies have this coverage regardless of whether the insured nail salon owns its building.

For a nail salon, commercial property might help insure:

  • Files and clippers
  • Baths and nail dryers
  • Nail polishes and nail polish removers
  • Chairs, tables and desks
  • Lighting, decorations and other furniture

The Importance of Nail Salon Insurance

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you wish you had insurance. Like, for example, that time you accidentally overfilled the foot bath and a customer slipped on the water or that time you sneezed and accidentally waxed off a clients eyebrow.

In short, salon business owners shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best insurance for nail salon policy they can get; which should provide the following coverages:

  • General liability coverage
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Commercial property coverage

Trusted Insurance of Nail Salons

For help making sure your nail salon doesn’t end up being a nail fail, contact us at Marine Agency Insurance to learn more. Our experienced team will make sure your nail salon has all the nail and beauty insurance coverage it needs so you don’t end up being a nail fail.

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