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What does it take for an insurance agency to reach its 100th birthday? A lot of hard work, strong leadership, and dedication. The Roaring Twenties had barely begun when Marine Agency Corp. came on the scene in 1922. That year, Warren G. Harding was U.S. President, Walt Disney’s Laugh-O-Gram became the first incorporated film company, and the U.S. Supreme Court held that women do, indeed, have the right to vote.

The new insurance agency offered coverage for customers in ocean cargo and shipping for more than a decade, surviving the Great Depression and then diversifying. The agency found new opportunities, helping protect small businesses against loss from an adverse event as well as offering personal policies and boat and yacht insurance. Join us, as we go through our 100-year journey, in this blog.

Personal Care Businesses Take the Spotlight

Marine Agency’s diversification efforts found early success covering barber shops and beauty salons. The agency continued to grow through the decades as personal care businesses themselves began to diversify.

In 1975, Darryl C. Stevens joined the agency and, as president, focused on personal care, leading the way as Marine Agency built on its experience. During the 1980s, the agency expanded, providing coverage for companies offering electrology and aesthetics.

By 1996, Marine became a managing general agent and established itself as a day spa insurance expert. It also became the only national provider of an admitted, occurrence form insurance policy for tattooing, body piercing, and micro-pigmentation.

specialty insurance agency, company, work, service, protect, information, event, customers, coverage

A New Century Brings New Opportunities

Since 2000, Marine Agency has taken the lead as a provider of business coverage for a variety of personal care and image enhancement industries. In 2016, the agency earned approval as London Coverholders after completing a lengthy application process.

The approval was based on Marine Agency’s strong underwriting team and thorough understanding of the industries served. The Coverholder designation let the agency work directly with London markets so it could easily adapt to new kinds of businesses, services offered, and risks of loss.

Looking to a sustainable future, Marine Agency became certified as a climate-neutral company in 2021. The agency is now working toward a sustainable business model for itself and its customers. The agency believes a stable marketplace and the health of the planet depend on actions taken today.

Also in 2021, the agency acquired Affordable Insurance Network, allowing it to expand its access to new home and personal auto insurance companies. Additionally, the acquisition will allow us to offer bilingual (English/Spanish) services.

specialty insurance agency, company, work, service, protect, information, event, customers, coverage

Marine Agency Offers Coverage for Main Street and the Nation

Under Chas. Stevens’s leadership, Marine Agency will continue to grow in the coming years. Today, the agency helps customers with coverage for Main Street businesses, contractors, and personal insurance, including homeowners and auto policies. National specialty programs available in the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia offer coverage for:

Some Thoughts for a New Century

Through the 2000s and beyond, Marine Agency will strive to provide its customers with excellent insurance coverage, including:

  • Specialty insurance for the personal care and image enhancement industries
  • Business insurance for retail, office, and service companies
  • Boat and yacht insurance
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Classic car and truck insurance

After 100 years, Marine Agency has the experience, leadership, and vision to deliver outstanding insurance products and services to its customers. When it’s time to insure with a trusted expert, more information about coverage available through Marine Agency is available at or 800-763-4775. Contact us today!

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