The Steps Marine Is Taking to Offset Our Carbon Footprint

Marine Agency can provide you and your business coverage wherever you want to go. However, in helping you get there, we’re taking steps to minimize our environmental impact, offset our carbon footprint, and combat climate change.

This world is changing faster than we can understand, and we want to be a part of the good kind of change. Environmental responsibility is of chief importance to us, and our carbon offset project is part of our commitment to become a climate-neutral business. Here’s how we’re doing it.

offset carbon footprint business

Seeking Certification

We want to be front and center with our commitment to the planet. That’s why we’ve decided to work with the non-profit organization Climate Neutral and begin the journey to becoming Climate Neutral Certified.

Climate Neutral provides stringent certification standards, and we are on our way to aligning ourselves with these benchmarks. Once we have achieved certification, we’ll proudly display our Climate Neutral Certified label and make known our level of dedication to offsetting our carbon footprint, engaging in sustainable business practices, and turning back the clock on climate change.

En Route to Carbon Neutrality

Our total emissions, aka our carbon footprint, for 2020 was 83 tCO2e. On Earth Day 2021, we offset our entire 2020 carbon footprint via purchasing verified carbon credits. We are now committed to being a climate neutral business.

Beginning in 2021, we’ve made several changes in reducing our carbon emissions going forward. For instance, we’ve changed our electricity generation supplier to 100% solar-powered.

Additionally, through mass transit, we’ve reduced by over 20% our daily average commuting miles driven. To further encourage our team to use public transit, we’ve added a commuter benefit that allows employees to purchase mass transit fares with pre-tax dollars. We believe decreasing the number of gas-powered cars on the road can be pivotal in slowing down climate change.

carbon offset project

2022 Initiatives

In 2022 we’ll double down on our commitment with more steps towards becoming a carbon-neutral business.

Next year we’ll seek to reduce daily average commuting miles driven by an additional 20%. We’ll also contribute funds to commuter benefits for our team, by reimbursing employees for mass transit fares and further encouraging its usage. We boldly stand by this consecutive year’s goal.

We’ll also evaluate green web hosting options to optimize for environmental responsibility in our daily operations. We aim to be holistically ecologically sound, from the small scale to the larger tasks.

Greener Going Forward

We at Marine Agency Insurance go above and beyond for our clients, and that includes being carbon neutral for the planet we all inhabit. Day by day, we’re doing our part, and we’re committed to playing a bigger role by leaving a smaller footprint.

To summarize:

  • Marine Agency Insurance is on the way to becoming a carbon-neutral business.
  • We’re working with the non-profit organization Climate Neutral to achieve Climate Neutral Certified status.
  • We offset our entire 2020 carbon footprint via purchasing verified carbon credits.
  • In 2021 we switched to solar energy for our electricity and drastically reduced our daily commuter miles driven by 20%.
  • In 2022 we’ll be exploring green web hosting options as well as seeking to further reduce our daily commuter miles driven by another 20%.

When you work with Marine Agency Insurance, you can trust that you’re working with an environmentally responsible company committed to a better world for you and your business. We’re striving daily to do our best for you and for this place we all call home. Call us today at (877) 959-1197 or fill out our quick contact form to discuss your insurance needs.

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