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It is no secret that most people are obsessed with beauty and their overall appearance. However, no man was created perfect. This is the primary reason why most people turn to beauty products to enhance their appearance. If you are anything like most people out there, you must have spent a lot of time debating on whether to get eyelash treatment to enhance your facial appearance or not.

Well, the good news is that anyone can get eyelash treatment and it is your answer to your desire of being selfies-ready 24/7. To help you get in the mood for eyelash treatment, we prepared a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know and consider before you commit to offering eyelash treatments at your MediSpa.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The first thing that your customers need to understand before they splash their money on eyelash beauty treatments is whether they are worth the cost. Well, the lifespan of eyelash treatments will depend on a wide range of factors. Typically, eyelash extensions will last for between three and four weeks depending on the eyelash extension maintenance plan in place.

Eyelash treatment

If someone wishes to keep their extensions for long, they will need to have infills every two to four weeks. The other factors that will affect the lifespan of eyelash extensions include; the type of extension, beauty products that you use, contact with water, and even the nature of your eyelashes.

Are There Any Risks Involved in the Procedure?

To a large extent, eyelash treatment is a painless procedure. It doesn’t matter whether you are elongating or thickening e your eyelashes. However, just like any other procedure, some risks are unavoidable. There is always the possibility that the skin will react badly to the different products being used. The risk is slightly higher with eyelash treatments since the eyes are a little bit more sensitive.

What Are the Different Types of Eyelash Treatments?

The most common type of eyelash treatment is the eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are artificial fibers that are usually attached to your natural eyelashes one by one to make them appear longer and more beautiful. Since the primary function of the eyelashes is to frame your eyes, you tend to look brighter and younger with eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions usually appear natural since they are attached to your natural eyelashes.

Eyelash enhancers are common over the counter beauty products that come in small tubes and are applied to your eyelashes to enhance growth in your lashes making them full and long. Eyelash enhancers usually contain vitamins and other nutrients that keep your eyes healthy.

Eyelash beauty treatments
As you age, your eyelashes tend to become thin, and that is why we have the lash thickening treatment to help you thicken up your thinning lashes. The experts use a wide range of products that encourage the growth of thicker and darker eyelashes to bring back your younger and impressive looks.

Do Eyelash Treatments Ruin Natural Eyelashes?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. For instance, if the client prefers eyelash extension treatment, how they take care of the extensions will determine whether they ruin their natural lashes or not. As long as they remain gentle and kind to their lash extensions and stick to the recommended lash extension maintenance plan, there will be nothing to worry about.

However, if they tug their extensions all the time or put up makeup on them and forget to wash it off or if pull and rub them constantly, or do anything that the expert tells them not to do, then they will put their natural lashes in big trouble.

What Type of Insurance Do MediSpas Need When Offering Eyelash Treatment?

As a cosmetic procedure, eyelash treatment is usually associated with some risks that can be costly. Even with the most advanced equipment and most experienced experts, something can still go wrong. However, buying the right insurance will ensure that you and your clients are covered in case of anything. With Day Spa & Salon Insurance, your business and staff members will be adequately protected in case your client sues you for professional negligence or errors.


  • A substantial number of people are increasingly looking for cosmetic procedures such as eyelash treatments.
  • Eyelash treatments are generally costly but are worth the money
  • Eyelash extensions will last for between two and four weeks
  • As much as eyelash treatments are painless and comfortable, they also have certain risks
  • It is critical for Medispa owners to have the right insurance coverage when performing eyelash treatments.

At Marine Agency, we offer different lines of business insurance coverage. If you are a Medispa or salon owner that provides eyelash treatments and you are looking for the right coverage that meets your needs, talk to us today to get your business covered. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to offer you expert advice and also recommend the right coverage for you.

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