Eyelash Tinting Insurance

Any beauty lover knows that nothing can make the eyes pop better than a coat or 2 of mascara. But continued use of mascara isn’t really that great for the health of your eyelashes and removing certain formulas can be extremely difficult. Eyelash tinting is an easy and effective alternative to regular mascara that is ideal for a variety of lifestyle needs. Whether your clients are new to the beauty world or they’ve been wearing makeup since the 50’s –eyelash tinting is the perfect solution to clumpy, smudgy and fussy mascara. With the popularity of this new beauty trend on the rise, make sure your spa business is covered with comprehensive salon and spa insurance.

Protect Your Business and Your Clients with Day Spa Insurance

This is Why You Need Spa Insurance For Eyelash Tinting  

The idea of eyelash tinting may be new for some of your clients but industry insiders know that this simple beauty treatment has been around for a while, offering women and men a safe and easy way to enhance their natural looks. But similar to other services offered at your day spa, the big question on everyone’s minds is, “Is eyelash tinting safe?”

In the hands of an experienced technician, eyelash tinting is very safe but that doesn’t mean that the process doesn’t come with a few risks. With the application of dyes to the sensitive eye area, extreme caution is necessary. With each step of the application process, there is some amount of risk that your clients could feel or experience some form of pain or discomfort. Technicians should follow these helpful safety steps to help ensure their clients are happy every time they leave their favorite eyelash tinting salons:

Work in a Clean and Sanitized Space

Anytime you touch someone’s face, proper hygiene is paramount. In addition to cleaning and sanitizing your workspace and tools, you’ll also need to properly clean the eyelashes to remove any makeup residue and natural oils. If the eye area is not free from makeup and oil, the tint will not adhere properly.

Mix and Test the Tint

One of the coolest things about eyelash tinting is the fact that you can customize the tone and deepness of the tint color to suit each client. As you mix, ensure that the mixture is thick enough to evenly coat the eyelashes. If the tint is too watery, it can easily run into the eyes causing irritation, burning and more.

Prevent Staining Disasters

Nothing is worse than getting up from an eyelash tinting session to see stains across your eyelids. Prevent staining and the possibility of a very unhappy customer by protecting the eye area from staining and irritation with petroleum jelly or cream before application.

Educate Your Client

A comprehensive consultation before the eyelash tinting process begins is also super important. This is where you can set your clients expectations and answer questions. Make them aware of potential risks and stress the importance of looking up to avoid blinking the tint into the eye.

Eyelash Tinting Insurance

Prevent Beauty Blunders with Day Spa Insurance Coverage

Investing in total insurance protection for your day spa is the first line of defense to help protect your business, employees, clients, and assets in the event of an accident or liability claim. It should be one of the first steps of your business plan. Additionally, a few key safety steps will help to ensure your clients leave happy:

  • Always tint eyelashes in a clean and sanitized workspace
  • Proceed with caution as you mix and test the eyelash tint solution
  • Avoid staining or irritating the sensitive eye area with proper safety steps
  • Educate your clients on the application process, potential risks, and aftercare

Spa Business Insurance

Interested in learning more about the benefits of salon spa insurance coverage for eyelash tinting salons? Visit the team at Marine Agency Insurance online today to get an insurance quote for your spa liability insurance. We’re one of the top spa insurance companies in the industry and will make sure you get the right policy for your business!

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