Outrageous Insurance Claims That Will Make You Reassess Your Insurance Policies

With National Insurance Awareness Day right around the corner on June 28th, now is the perfect time to learn more about comprehensive insurance from Marine Agency Insurance. When most people invest in an insurance policy, they are looking to protect themselves and their assets from a wide range of unexpected circumstances. These circumstances usually range from natural disasters, like hail damage or flooding, to auto accident damages or business interruptions. But in some cases, things can go from business as usual to unbelievable and leave everyone involved scratching their heads as they try to navigate the truly whacky world of unusual insurance claims.

Outrageous Insurance Claims That Will Make You Reassess Your Insurance Policies

Watch Out Overhead for Falling Coconuts

Most people grow up with the knowledge that auto accidents can end in tragedy or that riding a motorcycle is much riskier than taking a bus, but did you know that falling coconuts kill about 150 people across the globe every year? A curious case in Hawaii detailed a police officer being struck by a falling coconut and eventually being awarded $39,000 in damages. In fact, the threat from falling coconuts is so high that some insurance providers now include falling coconut injuries in their insurance policies.

A Very Expensive Snowstorm

For a special promotion, a jewelry store in North Carolina decided to offer a refund of $500,000 worth of in-store purchases if the city of Asheville got 3 inches of snow on Christmas Day. Surprisingly, a total of 8 inches of snow fell on the day, likely leading them to review their current business insurance policy for any loopholes! Fortunately for their customers who took the gamble, the jewelry store had to pay up!

The Burglar Who Was Bungled

Homeowners insurance is ideal for protecting your home, your property and the people who visit. But what about a trapped burglar who ends up suffering mental anguish during a botched robbery? Believe it or not, a burglar once robbed a family home while on vacation, only to be trapped in their garage due to a garage door malfunction. Trapped for a week and forced to live on dog food and soda, when the family came home a week later, the burglar escaped and filed an insurance claim against the homeowners. He won the claim and was awarded $1 million.

Professional Dog Painter Not for Hire

One of the greatest things about being a homeowner is the chance to go wild with your home decor whenever you need a change. But for one unsuspecting homeowner, leaving a can of paint open during a remodel turned out to be a big mistake. When she was out of the room, her dog managed to stick his tail in the open paint can and then wagged wet paint all throughout the house! Luckily, when she filed a claim, her insurance company paid for the damages. No word on whether the damages included a trip to the dog groomer.

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Protect Yourself from the Unexpected with Total Insurance Protection

Most insurance policies are designed to protect you and your assets in the event of an unexpected set of circumstances. But how well does your current policy really have you covered? Consider these questions when reviewing your current coverage:

  • Do I need additional coverage when remodeling my home?
  • Does my business insurance protect me in the event of a promotion gone wrong?
  • What type of liability coverage is included in my homeowner’s insurance policy?
  • Am I truly protected from weird and outrageous insurance claims?

When you want the most comprehensive insurance coverage available, the team at Marine Agency Insurance has got you covered. Visit our team online today for more information about investing in total insurance protection.

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