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Make Sure Your Medispa is Protected with Permanent Makeup Insurance

When providing permanent makeup services, your business needs protection against a host of liability risks. Should an esthetician make a mistake or a client have an adverse reaction to your treatment, your spa might be held financially responsible for any harm or damages suffered by the client. Permanent makeup (PMU) insurance can help mitigate these risks by providing a variety of liability protections.

Broad Insurance Protection Against Common Risks

PMU insurance policies include a few liability protections that are frequently found in other commercial insurance policies. These coverages offer broad protection against risks that businesses in many different fields face.

General liability coverage is perhaps the broadest of protection, as it extends coverage to a range of common accidents and some liability lawsuits. Should a third party, including a client, be injured at your spa in a slip-and-fall accident, this coverage will likely pay and resulting costs that your spa is held liable for. The coverage usually also protects against slander, libel and false advertising lawsuits that people might file.

Professional liability coverage normally protects professionals when they’re providing clients with services. Should a professional make an error in their work, this is the coverage that will likely provide the client with appropriate compensation. When included in a PMU insurance policy, professional liability coverage is specially adapted for the sort of work that medispa estheticians perform.

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Abusive acts liability coverage typically insures against possible acts of sexual molestation or physical abuse that employees might commit. This is a serious protection that any business where employees are left alone with clients in private settings should carry.

Specialized PMU Insurance Protection for Medispas

In addition to the aforementioned common liability protections, the best microblading insurance policies also have protections that are specially adapted to meet the unique risks that offering permanent makeup services present. These may be offered as independent coverages, or they might be included within the terms of other coverages that a policy has.

First, the best PMU insurance policies will cover all of the permanent makeup services that your business offers. This may include coverage for saline pigment removal, and the protection is frequently available at no additional cost.

Second, PMU insurance policies should also cover independent contractors. If your business has independent contractors and doesn’t carry this coverage, your business could be responsible for any mistakes they make.

Third, policies also ought to cover any off-site work that your business offers. If employees or contractors go to industry events and trade shows, make sure they’re covered while off-site.

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How Much Does Microblading Insurance Cost?

When insuring a business against the risks that come with permanent makeup services, it’s important to remember that properly protecting the spa is the primary priority. Should you ever face a major lawsuit, you’ll be thankful for any additional protection you purchased.

Thankfully, the best microblading insurance policies are generally quite affordable. You’ll have to get quotes to see exactly how much microblading insurance will cost your business, but rates tend to be reasonable even when lots of protection is included.

  • Broad insurance coverages protect against common risks
  • Specialized protections protect against PMU-related risks
  • The best microblading insurance is affordable

Get Quotes for PMU Insurance That’ll Protect Your Business

To get quotes for PMU insurance that’ll provide your business with robust protection, contact Marine Agency Insurance. Our agents can help you find out how much microblading insurance will cost, and they have the expertise necessary to help you select a policy that has all the liability protection your business needs.

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