Barber shop reopening, how to reopen a business, barber shops open, businesses set to reopen, reopening tips, phase

As stay-at-home orders are lifted and restrictions begin to relax, barbershop owners everywhere are preparing to reopen their businesses. However, because the coronavirus is still active and posing a threat to public health, barbershop reopening must be handled with care. Below are some reopening tips to help you ease into your normal activities safely.

Barber shop reopening, how to reopen a business, barber shops open, businesses set to reopen, reopening tips, phase

Find out when it is appropriate to reopen your barbershop.

Every state government is setting its own guidelines when it comes to reopening businesses that were previously closed. In most cases, these reopenings are happening in phases. Before you begin preparing to reopen your business, find out when barbershops are allowed to open in your area.

Follow local guidelines that cover how to reopen a business.

In many cases, your state or the local government will have regulations that must be followed during each phase of the reopening process. For example, in New Jersey, a client’s temperature must be taken before they enter the barbershop. Many states are limiting the number of people that can be in a location at one time. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of these rules so you can adhere to them at all times to keep everyone safe.

Consult the CDC for recommendations on sanitizing your chairs, equipment, and surfaces.

The CDC has published detailed guidelines to help you keep all areas clean so you can reduce your risk of spreading COVID-19. Prior to reopening your barbershop to the public, read through these guidelines carefully. The CDC recommends a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of your shop before it reopens, as well as disinfecting at regular intervals after the shop is open. All staff members and clients should wear masks while inside your barbershop.

Train your employees properly.

In order to follow all of the recommendations from the CDC, as well as local and state authorities, your staff will need to understand many new protocols. Take the time to train your staff members to follow all of these guidelines. For example, staff members must understand and adhere to:

  • Limits on the number of clients inside your barbershop at any one time.
  • Recommended distances between clients and staff.
  • Mask requirements.
  • Self-screening for symptoms prior to working.
  • Symptom screening requirements for clients who are entering the barbershop.
  • Protocols for cleaning and disinfecting areas that have been used by clients or staff members throughout the day.
  • Protocols and requirements for reporting any instances of illness.

Stay up-to-date on changes to the situation.

The coronavirus pandemic is an uncertain, fluid situation that is constantly changing. Pay attention to the news so you can be aware of any changes made to guidelines and recommendations. Be sure to adhere to any new guidelines that are announced.

Make sure you have insurance.

Doing business in the pandemic exposes you to even greater risks for liability and loss. For this reason, having the proper insurance coverage is essential. Before you reopen your barbershop, thoroughly assess your current insurance coverage, and consider whether any additional policies or increased limits are necessary. It is always best to be protected before something detrimental happens. 

Barber shop reopening, how to reopen a business, barber shops open, businesses set to reopen, reopening tips, phase

Key Takeaways

  • With businesses set to reopen soon in most areas, barbershop owners are preparing to invite clients to return. However, the risks of coronavirus remain.
  • Because of the ongoing risk of COVID-19, it is important for barbershop owners to follow all CDC, state, and local guidelines carefully.
  • It is also important to make sure your barbershop is appropriately insured before it reopens to the public.

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