Truck drivers have tough jobs. They have to log several miles and hours long trips on the road on a regular basis, which can get tedious and boring. They have to maneuver humongous vehicles, many of which are carrying highly sensitive products. They also have to be well rested so that they can drive safely.

How do truck drivers do it? They follow these five truck driver safety tips and rules to be reliable and safe on the road. These safety tips can also help other drivers learn how to best handle a roadway with large trucks.


Truck drivers know to never follow too closely behind another vehicle. Since trucks are so heavy, it takes them longer to stop, which means they have to give themselves more distance between vehicles. Plus, tailgating doesn’t help get anybody anywhere faster. The same goes for other drivers on the road, who should never follow too closely behind a truck.


Drivers have too many distractions today, and truck drivers are no exception. Between ringing phones, checking text messages and GPS devices, it can be difficult to be remain alert and focused on the road. The best truck drivers know to eliminate distractions by shutting the ringer off on their phone and putting it out of sight. Also, truck drivers should have a good idea of where they’re going before they even put their foot on the gas pedal. That way, they won’t have to rely too heavily on a GPS system.


Luckily, there are regulations for truck drivers regarding how much sleep they have to get between driving shifts. Sleepy drivers have slow reaction times, similar to drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, commercial drivers are the only ones with these required sleep regulations. Even if you’re driving one of the safest big rig trucks to ever be made, it’s no help if you fall asleep at the wheel. That’s why it’s extremely important for non-commercial drivers to ensure they catch enough shut eye too so that they – and everyone else – can stay safe on the road.


Every driver has a blind spot, but because trucks are so big, their blind spots are larger than a car would have. Other drivers on the road have a responsibility to be extra cautious when driving near trucks. In order to help everyone out, truck drivers should always let other drivers know what they’re about to do. Signaling is extremely important, especially when a truck driver isn’t positive who’s next to them. Even braking early is helpful because it gives other drivers time to prepare to stop.


One of the simplest and well-known truck driving rules is to give other vehicles extra room on the road and automobile drivers should do the same. This is especially important so that other drivers stay out of the four huge blind spots that truck drivers have. Keep in mind this good rule of thumb: if you can’t see the driver in their mirror, they likely can’t see you or your car, either. Truck drivers know how to keep a safe distance behind cars to keep other vehicles out of their blind spots. Cars have to do the same thing by giving trucks plenty of space, both behind, in front and to the sides.


Follow these truck driving rules to avoid accidents and be better off when you apply for truck drivers insurance. Contact Marine Agency today to learn more about our truck insurance rates and any other of our auto insurance policies.

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