Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

On today’s busy highways, it is not uncommon to see a great mix of different vehicles including cars, trucks, trailers and motorcycles. With so many vehicles competing for road space at the same time, there are bound to be a few accidents along the way. But, did you know that over two-thirds of car accidents that involve cars and motorcycles are actually caused by drivers, not motorcyclists? Whether drivers simply do not see motorcyclists approaching or they are not aware of how to safely share the road with bikes, it is important that more drivers learn how to avoid these all too common accidents. Drivers and motorcyclists should follow these motorcycle safety tips. Here are some motorcycle safety tips for drivers and motorcyclists that should be followed!

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

Safe Driving Tips: Increase Your Motorcycle Awareness on the Road

On the Lookout

Most drivers are always on the lookout for other cars but rarely think to be aware of motorcycles. Compared to other vehicles, motorcycles are harder to see as they have a smaller profile, making it common for drivers to find it more difficult to estimate their speed. Motorcycles also have different driving patterns than the average car, meaning that different actions are needed for the exact same driving situations. Weather, Traffic, and road conditions also require that motorcyclists react differently in a variety of situations, making it harder for drivers to predict their next move.

Common Accident Warning Signs

Some of the most common situations where a motorcycle crash may occur include:

  • Making a left turn. If you are behind the wheel of your car and attempting to turn left in front of an oncoming motorcycle, be aware that they may be traveling at a faster speed than the average car and adjust accordingly.
  • Motorcycles riding in your blind spot. Because of their size, it is not uncommon for a motorcycle to cruise alongside your car while in your blind spot. Always make sure to adequately check your blind spot before making a turn or changing lanes.
  • Hazardous road conditions. While potholes, wet roads, railroad tracks and other common road obstructions can present issues for drivers, they are often more dangerous for motorcycles. They can also heavily dictate the actions of motorcyclists and require extra caution from nearby cars and trucks. Increased motorcycle rider safety depends on both drivers and cyclists. Not only is important for motorcyclists to  know how to drive a motorcycle in the rain and other elements, but drivers should practice being completely alert in rainy and severe weather conditions.
  • Your line of sight. Large vehicles like SUVs, minivans and delivery trucks can block motorcycles from your line of sight on the road. In some cases, the bulk of your vehicle may cause the motorcycle to temporarily appear or disappear as well.

How Can I Increase Awareness of Motorcycles?

Just like any other vehicle on the road, motorcycles have the same privileges that you do! Remember to respect motorcyclists and always allow them a full lane of travel. Remember to always look out for motorcycles at intersections and keep in mind that they may be traveling at a higher speed than they appear to be when crossing intersections. It is also important that you do your best to allow plenty of space when following motorcycles and give them adequate room for evasive actions out on the open road to ensure accident prevention.

Other important factors to keep in mind when sharing the road with motorcycles include:

  • The other driver is responsible in two-thirds of accidents that involve a car and a motorcycle -not the motorcyclist!
  • Motorcycles have a smaller profile and can be more difficult to see on the roadways than other vehicles.
  • Motorcycles have different driving patterns when compared to the average car. This means that they have different driving patterns and dangerous driving conditions can affect them differently.
  • Motorcycles may seem to randomly appear and disappear when traveling near your car. Do your best to keep them in your line of sight and remember that they may be in your blind spot.

Help make sure the open road is a safer place for everyone by investing in comprehensive auto and motorcycle insurance coverage from Marine Insurance Agency. Visit our friendly team online today to request a quote or to learn more motorcycle safety topics and tips!

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