Best insurance for tattoo shops, best place to get a tattoo, insurance coverage, tattoo designs, tattoo shops reopen

If you own and operate a tattoo business, having the right insurance coverage is essential to your success. A single liability lawsuit has the power to bankrupt your business, so it is important to have a liability policy that protects you against these types of claims. Depending on your situation, you may need additional insurance coverage to protect your building, equipment, and any other assets you may own.

Best insurance for tattoo shops, best place to get a tattoo, insurance coverage, tattoo designs, tattoo shops reopen

Keeping Tattoo Businesses and Customers Safe During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way almost every business must operate, including tattoo studios. Many of these studios closed temporarily in response to government regulations. As tattoo shops reopen, most are taking substantial precautions to protect customers and employees from COVID-19. Here are some measures that should be taken by every tattoo business:

  • Wearing masks
  • Sanitizing areas
  • Keeping a safe distance when possible to do so
  • Ensuring no employees come into work when they feel ill
  • Requiring appointments, no walk-ins

COVID-19 exposes your business to new risks it did not face in the past. For example, if one of your staff members tests positive for COVID-19, anyone who has visited your business while the employee was working may be at risk of contracting opens in a new windowthe illness. Likewise, when customers or staff members have this illness, staff members who are not yet infected may be at risk of catching it. Thus, taking steps to protect your business is highly recommended. 

Tattoo Business Cleaning Tips

Given the state of the world during COVID-19 it is important to clean every inch of your tattoo parlor. Here are some tips on where you should be cleaning:

  • Chairs, armrests, headrests
  • Counters
  • Equipment
  • Mirrors
  • Frequently touched areas like doorknobs

When someone is looking for the best place to get a tattoo, they will now consider the measures the studio has in place to protect against this illness. Posting on social media about the cleaning guidelines your business has in place will allow customers to know they will feel safe in your tattoo parlor prior to arriving. 

About Tattoo Insurance

Best insurance for tattoo shops, best place to get a tattoo, insurance coverage, tattoo designs, tattoo shops reopen

The purpose of tattoo insurance is to protect your company from loss in the event of a claim against the business or another type of incident covered by the policy. Some of the different types of coverage you may need when operating a tattoo business include:

  • Tattoo artist liability insurance – One of the main types of coverage necessary for any tattoo business is tattoo artist liability insurance. This policy will protect you against claims made by clients who believe a tattoo artist has made an error, such as failing to follow requested tattoo designs or caused unreasonable pain.
  • General liability insurance – This insurance protects your tattoo business from general claims made by customers and other people who interact with your employees or visit your establishment. For example, general liability insurance will apply if someone slips and falls in your building.
  • Property insurance – If you own the building where your establishment operates, you may need property insurance as well.
  • Tattoo piercing insurance – If your tattoo studio offers piercings as well, you will need an additional policy to protect against any incidents that arise concerning this service.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – This insurance is another essential investment for tattoo studios that have at least one person on staff. This policy will provide benefits for any employees who are injured while on-the-job, as well as employees who develop illnesses because of their employment with your establishment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tattoo studios need specific types of insurance coverage to protect against risks.
  • COVID-19 has changed the risks these businesses face.
  • To get the right coverage, you need to work with an experienced agent.

The best insurance for tattoo shops will include a variety of policies designed to protect against different types of risks. Although COVID-19 claims cannot be accepted, having the proper insurance coverage is still very important. Marine Agency provides a range of customizable tattoo insurance options to protect your business from all of the common risks you face. Please contact us today to learn more about your coverage options.

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