Top tattoo design trends 2021, popular tattoos for 2021, tattoo insurance, trendy tattoos, henna designs

Tattoo trends in 2021 are likely to have some introspection level coming out of a year ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Perspectives will have shifted, and many aspects of our lives will reflect those changes. Popular tattoos for 2021 may represent something of a rebirth as people appreciate things once taken for granted, like driving into an office and spending time with coworkers or sitting inside a favorite restaurant to enjoy a meal. Whether it’s a henna design or a big colorful statement, let’s take a look at the trendy tattoos that will be popular in 2021.   

Top tattoo design trends 2021, popular tattoos for 2021, tattoo insurance, trendy tattoos, henna designs

Top Tattoo Design Trends 2021

  • Coverups – According to Bustle, one of the top tattoo trends in 2021 will be coverups of existing tattoos with something new. After months of introspections and a year of tumultuous change, coverups will represent attitude shifts and a change in focus.
  • Expansions – making the list was the expansion of existing tattoos. People have had a lot of time to consider changes they want to make, and 2021 will free them to make those changes.
  • Black-and-White Realism – Trending Tattoo points to black-and-white realism as popular tattoos for 2021. The site notes that the tattoo style is favored by celebrities (Justin Beiber) and young people and is poised to break out in the coming year.
  • Big Statement Pieces – In 2021, tattoos could head in the opposite direction of micro tattoos with large, statement pieces. After a year marked by people having to hold back and restrain themselves, making a big, bold statement with body art could be back. Look for large statement pieces to emerge as people let loose and fully express themselves.
  • Words on Tattoos – Words, quotes, poems, and phrases could be a big trend, according to Trending Tattoo. This is another way for someone to make a statement, whether inspirational or simply citing something meaningful or significant to them on a personnel level. Following a year often marked by stress and uncertainty, people might trend toward wanting to clearly state what matters most to them through body art.

Top tattoo design trends 2021, popular tattoos for 2021, tattoo insurance, trendy tattoos, henna designs

Protecting Your Business in 2021

No matter the tattoo trends for 2021, professionals need to ensure their business is protected and ready to go. Tattoo and body piercing liability insurance provide straightforward protection, ensuring peace of mind for small business owners.

Liability insurance will protect in case of:

  • Allegations of abusive acts (physical abuse & sexual molestation)
  • Trips and falls that occur
  • Allegations of professional malpractice
  • Property damage (burglary, fire, theft)

The insurance also will provide coverage for temporary guest artists and independent contractors. Off-site work at shows, fairs, and exhibitions are also covered and surface piercings and genital piercings. 

Key Takeaways:

  • 2021 looks like it will be a banner year for tattoo parlors, following the trial and tribulations of 2020
  • Some of the big trends for 2021 in tattoos will be coverups and expansions, black-and-white realism, big statement pieces, and meaningful words, quotes, and phrases
  • No matter the trends, tattoo professionals need to protect their business to create the art they are so passionate about

Marine Agency has been serving tattoo professionals for more than 30 years and knows how to create a policy geared to their specific needs. Contact Marine Agency today to get tattoo insurance coverage for your business!

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