Tattoos in the Workplace 2021

The days of tattoos being taboo in the workplace are long gone. Nowadays, “business tattoos” are perfectly acceptable at just about every workplace. In fact, there have even been lawsuits pertaining to workplace discrimination in which employees take legal action after being punished for putting their tattoos on display in the workplace. There is a difference between an artful tattoo on your body that represents self expression that can be concealed when necessary and a visually distracting tattoo that is prominently displayed on one’s forehead, face, or neck. Let’s take a look at the best tattoos for business professionals.

Carefully Select Your Tattoo

If you plan on working in an office setting as a professional of any sort, it is important that you choose a tattoo that can be seen in a professional setting and does not distract your co-workers. Business professionals with tattoos will be respected as long as their tattoos are artful, concealable, and in good taste. Though every office worker has the right to express himself or herself with body art, you should know a tattoo that is NSFW (not safe for work), in poor taste, excessively large, or distracting will be frowned upon. Above all, it is important that your tattoo is positioned in a part of your body that can be concealed with business attire just in case one of your employers down the line has a workplace policy that bars visible tattoos.

Tattoos in the workplace 2021

Tattoos in the Workplace 2021: Choose Something That is Not Controversial

The tattoo you select should not be politically or religiously charged. In short, it is in your interest to select an image that will not prove divisive amongst your co-workers. Opt for a truly artful tattoo that is pleasing to the eye as opposed to a cross, pentagram, holy scripture, political party symbol, or another image that has the potential to offend co-workers. Here are some examples of tattoo types that are more often than not accepted in the workplace:

The Stick and Poke

Just about everyone appreciates stick and poke tattoos. This type of tattoo is created with the use of a needle that bores ink into the skin with the artist’s hand rather than relying on a tattoo machine. Let a professional tattoo artist create your stick and poke tattoo and you will be proud to put it on display.

Your or Your Lover’s Initials

When in doubt, play it safe by tattooing your initials or those of your significant other on your body. Tattooing initials are quite subtle yet meaningful. If you want to ink your husband or wife’s initials or name on your body, consider putting the letters/words within something artful such as a heart.

Japanese Style Tattoos

Best tattoos For business professionals

Tattoo artists far and wide are universally fond of Japanese style tattoos. Japanese tattoos are highlighted by detailed designs, some of which stem all the way back to 10,000 B.C. Get inked with a Japanese style tattoo and your tat will be quite the interesting point of conversation both in and out of the office. These stylish tattoos are truly timeless as opposed to zigzag tribals and animal tats that were quite popular in years past yet eventually fizzled out.


Best tattoos For business professionals

Dot-work or single needle tattoos are detailed pieces created with refined techniques. Dot tattoos resembling airbrush shading and/or fine lines generate considerable visual depth yet will not prove distracting in the office or other professional environment. This type of business professional tattoo is comparably subtle yet everyone agrees it is quite beautiful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tattoos in business are now socially normative
  • Carefully select your tattoo to ensure it won’t derail your career prospects
  • There is no reason to conceal your tattoos in the workplace unless mandated by your employer
  • The tattoo you choose should be small enough to be concealed 

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