benefits of getting a tattoo in winter, time, skin, sweat, year, summer, ink, sun, fade, heal

Tattoos are becoming more common, with 36% of Americans between the ages of 18-29 having at least one tattoo. If you’re getting your first tattoo, there are likely so many questions going through your mind. It’s normal for people to anticipate the pain and wonder how to care for a new tattoo. But, there’s one factor many people don’t consider when getting a tattoo; what time of year to get one.

If a summer tattoo sounds ideal, think again. We’re heading into winter, the best time of year to get some fresh ink. Why is that? Here are the benefits of getting a tattoo in the winter!

benefits of getting a tattoo in winter, time, skin, sweat, year, summer, ink, sun, fade, heal

Less Sunlight

The sting after getting a tattoo is oftentimes worse than the pain you experience when getting tattooed. When sunlight hits a fresh tattoo, the burning sensation will leave anyone teary-eyed. Since the wintertime comes with less sunlight, tattoo clients will experience less pain.

Sunlight is also detrimental to a tattoo in other ways. UV rays will cause the pigment from your tattoos to fade, which can impact the final result of a healed tattoo. Winter means less sunlight, which means your tattoo will heal beautifully.

Easy to Protect

Speaking of sunlight, another benefit of winter tattoos is you can better protect your tattoo. As stated in the last section, UV rays can fade your tattoo and interfere with the healing process. When you’re bundled up during the winter, you can protect your healing tattoo with several layers of clothing.

Less Time in Water

Summertime brings many fun water activities, such as swimming and going to the beach. Unfortunately, these water activities can interfere with the tattoo healing process. Submerging an unhealed tattoo in water can cause damage, increase the risk of infection, and irritate the skin. This goes for all types of water, not just ocean or pool water. This means you shouldn’t sit in a hot tub, take a bath (you can still shower), or swim in any other type of open water (such as ponds, lakes, and rivers).

When the weather is cold or freezing outside, swimming is the last thing on your mind. You can stay inside and give your tattoo plenty of time to heal. Once summer comes around, you can take that glorious beach vacation while showing off your new tat.

Less Competition

When the weather is cold, no one wants to leave the house, even to get a tattoo. If you don’t mind trudging in the snow and bitter-cold temperature for a new tattoo, you’re in luck! There’s less competition to get an appointment, so you can secure an appointment faster than you could in the summer. Plus, there will be less tourist and walk-in traffic that will distract your artist.

benefits of getting a tattoo in winter, time, skin, sweat, year, summer, ink, sun, fade, heal

Getting a Tattoo: Choose an Insured Shop

Getting a tattoo in the winter comes with several benefits. If you own a tattoo shop, our tattoo and piercing insurance coverage lasts 32 years and covers general liability, abusive acts, property coverage, professional liability, and more. Your individual tattoo artists will also be covered.

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