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When someone goes to the hair salon, he or she is expecting a relaxing experience with a satisfactory result. However, in some cases, a trip to the hair salon can turn out to be a disaster. If the impact is bad enough, the customer may even wonder whether he or she should file a lawsuit against the hair salon.

There are many reasons that someone may choose to file for damaged hair compensation. Scroll below to learn more about the 9 most common reasons why customers consider suing hair salons for negligence.

Hair Stylist Insurance

Top Causes of Hairdresser Lawsuits

Some of the most common causes of lawsuits filed against hairdressers or hair salons include:

  • Scalp or Eye Injuries – Hairdressers use harsh chemicals to change the color or texture of their client’s hair. Unfortunately, in some cases, these chemicals may be left on too long, leading to injuries. Some clients may also be allergic to these chemicals. In such cases, clients may sue the salon.
  • Slip and Fall – When hair or liquids are on the floor at a hair salon, a client may slip and sustain injuries. In many cases, clients who are injured in a fall will file a lawsuit against the salon.
  • Cuts – Hairdressers may accidentally nick a client’s neck or ear during a haircut. Even though the injury may be small, the client may still decide to file a lawsuit.
  • Burned or Damaged Hair – Can you sue a hairdresser for damaging your hair? The short answer is yes. If a hairdresser doesn’t use chemicals or tools properly, the client’s hair may be damaged or burned, leading to a lawsuit.
  • Injuries From Other Services – If a beauty salon offers other services like tanning or manicures, the potential for injury increases. Injuries from any of these services can lead to a lawsuit.

Other Causes of Hair Salon Lawsuits

In addition to the top causes of hair salon lawsuits, other issues may also lead to claims against a salon. Some of the other possible causes of claims against hairdressers include:

Emotional Damage

For some clients, a bad haircut or color job may be more than just an inconvenience. If the results are highly unsatisfactory, the clients may feel that he or she has experienced emotional damage because of the incident. In the worst cases, the client may claim beauty salon negligence and decide to sue the salon for compensation.

Damaged Clothes / Items.

If chemicals come into contact with a client’s clothing or personal belongings, irreversible damage may occur. If the items damaged are valuable, the client may decide to file a claim against the salon for damages.

Hair Stylist Insurance

Stolen Items.

Most salons are careful to protect the personal belongings of their clients. However, in some cases, items may be stolen by other clients or even members of the staff. Clients who have lost items to theft may file a lawsuit against the salon.

Employees endangering themselves by being exposed to bleach and other harmful chemicals.

Employees can also file lawsuits against hair salons. For example, if an employee has been exposed to harmful chemicals without the proper protection, he or she may decide to take action against the establishment.

Proper hairdressing salon insurance coverage can protect hair salons from all of the most common claims they may face.

Key Takeaways

  • The top causes of hair salon lawsuits include scalp or eye injuries, cuts, damaged hair, slip and falls and injuries from other services offered by the salon.
  • Other causes of hair salon lawsuits include employee endangerment, stolen items, damaged items and emotional damage.
  • Proper hair stylist insurance coverage provides hair salons with protection.

Marine Agency is one of the top salon insurance companies in the industry and we are proud to offer specialized insurance coverage to hair salons. Please contact us to learn more about our hairdresser insurance!

Below is the original post from May, 2015.

If you are lucky enough to own your own hair salon, you are probably happy with the fact that you can earn a living while doing what you love. Your hair salon most likely produces happy clients that step out looking great, smiling and flaunting their newly cut and styled hair, perfect manicured nails and fresh makeovers. Have you ever wondered what would happen if a customer left with a different attitude due to an unexpected accident or injury? Can you sue a hair salon? Yes you can, and if an unhappy or injured customer were to file a lawsuit against your hair salon, how would you handle it?

The best way to protect yourself and your salon in the event of a lawsuit is to purchase coverage for your business. You may be wondering what type of accident or problem could cause a customer to want to sue a hair salon. There are actually numerous things that can occur in a hair salon that could result in a lawsuit.

Scalp Or Eye Injury Caused By Chemicals

Chemicals are a part of many hair treatments and styling products. It is a stylists job to know how long certain products can be left on hair, but all clients are different and some may be allergic to certain products or chemicals. Chemical burns and injuries are serious and if a client has suffered such an injury at your salon, they are likely to file a lawsuit.

Slip And Fall

Slip and fall accidents are the most common accident that can occur at a place of business. While you may think your salon is clean and safe, one unnoticed spill or a pile of hair that hasn’t been swept can cause a client to fall and get hurt. Slip and fall injuries can include broken bones and bruises and lawsuits related to such accidents can result in big settlements.


Hairdressers are trained to cut hair the right way, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still have accidents. A slight nick on the ear or neck may not seem like a big deal but an angry client could make it a big issue and even sue the hairdresser and the salon where the injury occurred.

Burned Or Damaged Hair

How many times a day does a stylist in your salon use a heating tool to straighten or curl hair? How many permanents and dye jobs? These treatments and styles might seem like no big deal, but a lapse in judgment can leave your client with burnt or damaged hair and your hair salon facing a lawsuit for damaged hair from that client.

Injuries Caused By Other Services

Does your hair salon offer services such as manicures, pedicures, massages or tanning? All of these services have risks that you may not have considered. What if a client gets a nasty nail fungus caused by the manicure tools in your salon? What if a tanning bed malfunction causes a customer to become burnt? What if a simple massage leads to an injury or a sexual harassment claim? These may not seem like likely events, but they can and do happen and hair salons all over the world face the consequences of being unprepared for such salon accidents and resulting lawsuits.

Think about all the hard work you put into opening and running your hair salon. Do you want to risk losing it or facing financial problems because you were not properly insured and were unexpectedly sued by a client? Since going to a hair salon is a pretty simple task that millions of people do each day, most people do not think anything bad could happen at a salon.

The truth is, a hair salon can be dangerous and anytime an employee or owner has been negligent, a client may have the right to sue for hair salon negligence. A lawsuit could cause you to close down your hair salon temporarily or permanently. Your stylists could lose their license and in a worst case scenario, you may have to sell your hair salon or other assets to pay for a client’s settlement.

If you want to protect your salon, your employees and your reputation, you should purchase an insurance policy as soon as you open or start your hair salon. Some insurance companies specialize in hair salon, spa and small business insurance. Regardless of how big your salon is or how much coverage you think you need, there is an insurance policy that is right for you. Don’t risk losing everything you have worked hard for or make the mistake of thinking you don’t need insurance coverage for your salon. 

Call 800-763-4775 to find out how Marine Insurance can help you protect your growing business today! Make the right call and prepare for a bad situation instead of worrying about what you will do if a client does file a lawsuit against you.


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